Greenland is the world's largest island and was made an integral part of Denmark in 1953. It joined the European Community (now the EU) with Denmark in 1973 but withdrew in 1985 over a dispute centered on stringent fishing quotas. Greenland was granted self-government in 1979 by the Danish parliament; the law went into effect the following year. Greenland voted in favor of increased self-rule in November 2008 and acquired greater responsibility for internal affairs in June 2009. Denmark, however, continues to exercise control of Greenland's foreign affairs, security and financial policy in consultation with Greenland's Home Rule Government. The largest island in Greenland is also named Greenland, and makes up most of the country's land area.

Greenland is located between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Canada. It has a total area 2,166,086 sq km (410,449 sq km ice-free and 1,755,637 sq km ice-covered). If we compare it with Texas, it is slightly more than three times the size of Texas. It has a total Coastline of 44,087 km. (Refer to for complete data - A United Nations web site).


With a population of 56,452 (January 2010 estimate) it is one of the least densely populated dependencies or countries in the world. Greenland was also called Gruntland (Ground-land) and Engronelant (or Engroneland) on early maps. The major religion is Lutheranism and Greenlanders are more religious than other Nordic people. 96.6% of the population are Christians and 2.2% are non-religious, while ethnic religions and other religions constitute 0.7% and 0.5% of the population respectively.

Both Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) and Danish have been used in public affairs. Greenlandic became the sole official language in June 2009. Very few countryside roads have been built due to the lack of agriculture, forestry and similar countryside activities. Air Greenland handles domestic flights. 10 years of schooling is compulsory for childrens in greenland. English is taught in schools and widely mastered as a third language. Association football, track and field, handball and skiing are some of the popular sports of Greenland but Handball is referred to as the national sport. The other islands who are at 2nd and 3rd place are New Guinea and Borneo respectively.