The Imam Reza Shrine is situated in Mashhad, Iran. The shrine contains the mausoleum of the eighth Imam of Twelver Shiites, Imam Reza. By dimension, it is the largest mosque in the world and second largest by capacity. The Goharshad Mosque, a museum, a library, four seminaries, a cemetery, the Razavi University of Islamic Sciences, a dining hall for pilgrims, vast prayer halls and other buildings are also within the complex of the shrine. One of the major tourism center in Iran, this shrine cover the total area of 598,657 Sq meter (267,079 Sq meter of the shrine and 331,578 Sq meter if the courtyard which surrounds it). The dust cleaning ceremony is celebrated every year.

The complex contains a total of Seven courtyards along with a total of 14 minarets and 3 fountains. The seven courtyards are:
Sahn (courtyard in Urdu): Out of many buildings of Astan Quds Razavi, this is one of the most beautiful and glorious building. Abbasi, Tala, Naqqareh Khaneh and Sa'at are the four balconies of this court in North, South, East and West respectively. A big rectangular window is there in this building. Amir Alishir Navaiee built the golden balcony.
Sahn Jumhuri Islami: Built in recent years, this sahn is 10,000 Sq meters in size. At the back of northern and southern gates, it has two 30 meters high minarets. A building known as Dar-al-Rahmeh is situated in the eastern part of this sahn.
Sahn Quds: This 2500 Sq meters courtyard is situated between Sahne Imam Khomeini and Baste Shaykh Bahai. There are 28 chambers of 6 meters of height and one veranda called Qebleh. This veranda is 50 Sq Meters in size. A public drinking place is newly built at the center of this sahn.
Sahn Imam Khomeini: This sahn face Imam Reza avenue and located at the left side of the complex.The area of this sahn is more than 8300 Sq meters. Between this sahn and Sahne Azadi, The tomb of Shaykh Bahai is located.
Sahn Azadi: This 85 meter long and 54 meters wide sahn dates back to the time of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar. Eivan Tala ( meaning golden veranda) is the most famous veranda out of four verandas this sahn have.
Nqqareh Khaneh: When in 860 H., Baisongor Shahrokh's son came to seek remedy from Imam Ridha, Kettledrums were beaten to announce his arrival and since then this practice has been performed every day. Eastern balcony of Sahne Inqelab is the place where kettledrums are performed.
Saqqa Khaneh: There is a public drinking place called Hawze Ismail Talai with a gilded inscription belonging to the time of Nader Shah Afshar's reign in the middle of Sahne Inqelab. It was rebuilt in 1347 H.

The two golden minarets have been specially built. The specialty of these minarets is that, while other minarets are made near the dome but these two minarets have been built far from each other. This was done on purpose so that when pilgrims enter Haram from Imam Reza Avenue, they can see the minarets and the dome in the middle.