Northeast Greenland National Park with an area of 972,000 kmis the largest national park in the world. This park is bigger than Pakistan, Venezuela and France. There are only 30 nations on Earth larger than this single park.

About Greenland
This park is located in Greenland and it is the only national park in Greenland. In Greenland and Denmark there are no other national parks except the Northeast Greenland National Park. The park encompasses the entire northeastern coastline and interior sections of Greenland. The extraordinary flora and fauna of the area are the major attractions of the Northeast Greenland National park. The National Park in North and East Greenland , the largest in the world , was laid out in 1974 by the Danish parliament or Folketing on the recommandation of the Greenland National Council , predecessor to the Home Rule Parliament and continuously was under expansion till 1988. The human population in the biggest national park of the world is nil but this location is one of the most famous tourist's destinations of Greenland. The area is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list as a Man and Biosphere Reserve, an important eco system. The part encompasses the entire northeast of Greenland and mainly consists tundra and ice fields. Caribou wolves, musk oxen and polar bears roam the reserve and there is an interesting variety of Arctic plant life. The park shares borders, largely laid out as straight lines, with the Sermersooq municipality in the south and with the Qaasuitsup municipality in the west along the 45° West meridian on the ice cap in the west. The large interior of the park is part of the Greenland Ice Sheet, but there are also large ice-free areas along the coast and on Peary Land in the north.

Northeast Greenland National Park

Ittoqqortoormiit is one of the most remote towns in greenland and also is the gateway to the park itself. Anyone who does have a keen sense of adventure and an appetite for the unexpected will be more than rewarded by humbling and breathtaking scenery.

Permit and transport
Ecotourists planning a trip need permission, to travel and to stay within the boundaries of the national park, and need to acquire one from the Government of Greenland's ministry of Domestic Affairs, Nature and Environment. The organisers will already have secured the necessary permits If you are taking part in an organized tourist trip such as a cruise. It would be advisable to take an official tour considering the size of the park. There are some organisers that will focus on seeing the beautiful and rare animals that inhabit this remote part of the world.