Annie Hawkins-Turner holds the guinness world record of Largest natural breasts. She is a United States woman who has her breast size measured as under breast measurement -109.22 cm (43in) and an around chest-over-nipple measurement - 177.8 cm (70in). Her breasts weigh around 56 pounds according to the UK magazine show "This Morning" where she appeared on 23 June 2011. She is better known by the pseudonym Norma Stitz and won the AVN Awards - Adult Video Nudes Award (The Amazing Norma Stitz) in 2003.

In a given interview to UK breakfast show she said ,"I am taunted daily by strangers. Every day someone teases me that doesn't know me. They make fun of me and there's no reason. I'm human like everybody else. I'm just blessed in different ways than other people. It affects my son very badly because people stare." The mum-of-two, who said she got her first bra when she was ten, went on: "I don't know what size I was. I was just big. The only thing I remember about those bras is they were cotton and they stuck out just like footballs and that's when I knew I was different. I was teased a lot. I was called fat. I couldn't dress like other kids and the guys my age didn't like me. Older men liked me because I was a young girl in an older woman's body". In her family, her mum and sister didn't have particularly big assets so it is not a gene's effect.

In 1991, Hawkins met Allen Turner, who was an air force office and 20 years senior to her. She said, "To my shock I discovered Alan loved big women and thought my breasts were magnificent. Despite the age gap we got on really well. He boosted my confidence continually told me I was beautiful and accepted me and my kids." They married after dating for five years. He encouraged Annie to make a career out of her big boobs. He encouraged me to send in some pictures to a specialist magazine a year after we met and I was inundated with requests. It was a magazine that featured white women and I was featured, breaking, I guess, another record.”, she said. Annie's career blossomed after she set up a website with the help of Allen. She used to charge men at her website to admire her boobs and made £40,000 in her first year. Within months she had over a million subscribers. Annie credit’s her success to Allen. Allen died of lung cancer in 2003 but that did not deterred Annie and she carried on with her business.

She had many health related issues with her enormous boobs like she cannot sleep on her back because of the weight of her assets, has to have sex on her side and has never breastfed her children. “I don’t want to mess with nature. As my breasts grew the muscles in my back developed and supported them,” she said. “I can only drive a 4x4 and need a larger airplane seat. I have to be extra careful walking downstairs.” Doctor advised her for a breast reducing surgery but she refused because her boobs have earned her over a million pounds.