The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger airliner in the world. It is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine jet airliner manufactured by the European corporation Airbus, a subsidiary of EADS. The double-deck A380 is the world”s largest commercial aircraft flying today, with capacity to carry 525 passengers in a comfortable three-class configuration, and up to 853 in a single-class configuration that provides wider seats than its competitor. Overall, the A380”s two decks offer 50 percent more floor surface than any other high-capacity aircraft.

With its range of 8,300 nautical miles, the A380 is the ideal solution to alleviate traffic congestion at busy airports. It has two full-length passenger levels with true wide-body dimensions: a main deck and an upper deck, which are conveniently linked by fixed stairs forward. The A380 is 24.1 meters high, 80 meters wide, and 72.7 meters long. The plane weighs approximately 590 tons. A380 is designed for 140,000 flying hours. Also this plane can fly with maximum speed of 640 miles/hour. Only 20 runways in the world are now fully capable of handling A380 aircrafts.

The A380 has been winning over business and leisure passengers alike since its service introduction in 2007, providing levels of comfort and reliability that have led travelers to specifically request flights on Airbus” 21st century flagship – which is in operation with carriers around the globe. It also is the quietest long-haul aircraft flying today, generating 50 percent less noise on departure than the nearest competitor – as well as three to four times lower noise when landing, all while carrying 40 percent more passengers. Inside the cabin, travellers have applauded the A380 for its extremely quiet cabin, which on average has half the sound energy of other aircraft. This is a key factor in stress-free flights, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.

As of July 2011 the A380 has received 236 firm orders, of which 52 had been delivered. The largest order came from Emirates, which has 90 aircraft on order. It is believed that A380 is the largest plane in the world but It is not. Antonov An-225, a russian-made aircraft which is built for cargo transportation only, is the largest aircraft in the world.

Here are some facts about Airbus A380 : To paint the exterior of the A380, more than 3600 liters of paint is required. If all the wiring in the A380 is laid end to end, it will be 320 miles which means it will stretch from Edinburgh to London. 4 million individual components, produced by 1500 companies, in 30 different countries are used in an A380 airbus. The flight attendants of A380 have rest apartments with beds provided for napping during long-haul flights. The engines of A380 are of the same lengths as of Mercedes C-series car and the internal working temperature of the airplane”s four engines is 3100 degrees.