Medusa is the massive python and the world's largest snake living in captivity owned by Full Moon Productions in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. She is 8-year-old, weighs more than 300lbs, came in at a few inches over 25 feet long at her last measuring and it takes 15 people to hold her. It is very rare for a reticulated python, especially while being raised in captivity, to grow anywhere near the size and weight of Medusa. Medusa inherits the title from the previous record holder, Fluffy, another Reticulated Python from Ohio's Columbus Zoo who measured in at 24 ft long.

longest snake

Primarily kept coiled up in a nook in a haunted house attraction (The Edge of Hell which is the oldest commercial haunted attraction in the U.S A. opened in 1975) with its cavernous turn-of-the-century brick warehouse, she liked to eat hogs, goats, deers and rabbits. The haunted house staff knows Medusa as a sloppiest eater within the house as she sometimes accidentally bite into herself instead of her dinner. Rabbits are so small for her that she might have to eat 7 or 8 of them at a time. In the cage the staff buys for her the organic hogs and organic food and trainer stays in there to make sure she doesn't choke. She usually eats 50-75 pounds at a sitting. She needs at least a 50-pound meal about once a month, sometimes more. Medusa is typically tolerable and respectful of others unless agitated, hungry or provoked contrary to a python's behavior which could be wild and unpredictable. Medusa has also been known to "purr" like a cat when content and "huff" or "hiss" if she's distressed or annoyed.

According to Medusa's handler and Edge of Hell's general manager, Larry Edgar, "We try to keep Medusa well-fed and slightly out of reach as there have been instances with Reticulated Pythons where they've had to cut people out of them! We never underestimate that she does always have the upper-hand." Medusa prefers larry's assistance with her shedding and she will nudge him for assistance if she has any spots that prove tough to shed. She comes here from the Sulawesi Islands in Indonesia.

The Edge of the Hell is founded in 1975 and is Kansas City's oldest and best haunted house. It has evolved into the national model for celebrating the entertainment value of confronting fear.