The wedding function holds a history in terms of spending money that has never been seen still today like Vanisha Mittal. It will probably achieve the title of the most extravagant wedding in modern time. It is one of the grandest wedding we have seen.

The gala wedding of Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia was held at a very expensive five star hotel in France in 2004. Their wedding was enrolled in the ‘billionaire weddings’ of Forbes Magazine list where we see the names of world’s richest people like Bernard Arnault, Donald Trump, Andrei Melnichenko and so forth. The magazine called it the grandest wedding affair of the century. Vanisha (Vanisha Mittal Bhatia) completed graduation degree in Business Administration from the European Business School. She secured masters degree in South Asian studies from the London’s School of Oriental and in African Studies at the University of London. Amit Bhatia is an investment banker that is based in London.

Expensive Wedding

Riding on a jeweled chariot, familiar as ceremonial carriage, Amit arrived at the marriage ceremony. A lotus was designed in the pond and petals of all colour and shape scattered over it. Craftsmen were jetted in from India and florists from Holland.The six-day event was held in Versailles in 2004 and included a reenactment of the couple’s courtship, an engagement ceremony at the Palace of Versailles—the only private function ever held in the palace—and performances by Shah Rukh Khan and Kylie Minogue. The wedding was a true picture of a theatrical entertainment scripted by a star Bollywood writer, Javed Akhtar and as Akhtar puts it,"For hospitality Mittal gets 10 out of 10."

The invitation letter of Vanisha’s wedding could give you another surprise. Each of the cards distributed among close friends and the relatives contained 20 pages. It was put in a silver box with romantic poems written by Mittal’s family member. An estimated 6 million pound worth of diamonds were worn and over 1 million pound spent on keeping the guests happy at the hotel. Apart from other services being provided, the first floor was turned into a virtual spa with beauty treatments and guests were even provided with mobile phones by the mittals.

To join the Vanisha Mittal’s wedding from India to France, 12 Boeing jets were hired for the guests. As part of making the ceremony memorable, the hotel was decorated with full of enjoyment. There was a special arrangement for female guests. They were asked to paint their hands with henna (known as mehndi in India) and received luxurious bags. The banquet was prepared by chefs who were specially flown out from Calcutta. More than 10,000 flowers, 45 professional cooks and a grand wedding cake were some other features in that occasion.

Despite of the fact that Mittal was adamant for the wedding to be a strictly no-media affair, there was no denying the sheer grandeur and extravagance on display.