Dyrehavsbakken, meaning “The Deer Park's Hill”, is an amusement park which belongs to Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune, Denmark (about 10 km north of Copenhagen) but it is situated near Klampenborg (Gentofte municipality). Opened in 1853, Dyrehavsbakken, commonly referred to as Bakken ( meaning “The Hill”), is the world's oldest operating amusement park. After the more widely known Tivoli Gardens amusement park, it is the second most popular attraction in Denmark with around 2.5 million visitors per year.

Kristen Pill, in 1583, discovered a natural spring in (what is now known as) Jægersborg Dyrehave. This discovery is known as the origin of the Bakken. Due to the poor quality of water during this period, residents of Copenhagen were attracted to the spring. Also, Pills discovery drew huge crowds because many believe that the natural spring water has curative powers in it. The origin of amusement parks is because of this crowd attracts entertainers and hawkers.

For a brief period of royal hunting, the area of the spring was not open to the public. And the animal park was set up by King Frederick III in 1669 and it was extended by 3-4 times by his son Christian V after he became king in 1670. The park was off-limits to the general public until 1756, under Frederick V. Dyrehavsbakken, began to flourish again after it was open to general public. Bakken's reputation attracted other entertainers as the entertainers, hawkers, and innkeepers returned to the area. Pjerrot, the clown that is still a fixture at the park today.

Different types of rides in this park requires certain numbers of coupons, like Afro Cups, Dillen jet ski ride, Hullabaloo, Jungle Boats, Samba Tower, Spinning Car, SRV, Bin Express, Börne Ferris Wheel, Hip Hop, Little Trains mini train ride requires 4 coupons. There are other rides like Bumper Cars, Crazy Theater, Enterprise, Extreme giant swing, 5D Cinema which shows 4 different movies, each about 10 – 12 minutes long, Ghost Train, Polyp, Rodeobanen on track go carts, Tower Thrill, Water Cannon, Viking Ship Dragon, Water Slide which travels a 390 m long course and has two drops on the way, Carousel, Safari, Swan Station as well which requires different numbers of coupons. There we can see some show as well like Bakkens Hvile which is a cabaret show, Pjerrot the Clown is the park's mascot who entertains the kids and an animal show called Bakken Animals - animal show.

Bakken is open daily from the end of March through the end of August. Rides and attractions in the park require money otherwise, the entry in the park is free.