Guy's Hospital is the tallest hospital building in the world, standing at 142.6m with 34 floors. It consists of two towers that are interlinked together - the User Tower that hosts the hospital accommodation which rises to 122 metres, and the Communications Tower, a 138 metre tall service section that's boosted to 142.6 metres by the boiler flues. [Source :]. It is a large NHS hospital in the borough of Southwark in south east London, England. Formerly named GKT School of Medicine, it is home to the King's College London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Founded in 1721 by Thomas Guy, Guy's Hospital opened in 1726 with 100 beds. It was originally intended that it should admit the incurables that St Thomas's refused to accept. It was for the incurably ill and the hopelessly insane. In 1974, the hospital added the 34 storey Guy's Tower. At 143 metres (469 ft) high, this is the tallest hospital building in the world. During World War II, there was a substantial bomb damage all over the war area but despite that the original 18th century chapel remains intact including the tomb of Thomas Guy. In 1829, William Hunt gave a bequest of £200,000 which allowed another 100 beds in the hospital. This was one of the largest charitable bequests in England in historic terms. The southern expansion of the hospital buildings was given Hunt's name. In the Guy's hospital and St Thomas' hospital had a staff of over 13,650 persons.

There are 19 distinct but interconnected building at the site. These building have different functions such as public medical services, teaching, research and student residence. Local student know this building as "the squirrel" because the silhouette of these buildings is strange. The buildings in the campus are known as Tower Wing, Borough Wing, Southwark Wing, Bermondsey Wing and Tabard Annexe. Guy's Hospital, situated near London Bridge, is home to the largest dental hospital in Europe. It is only 5 minutes walk from the overground/underground stations. Routine dentistry, Dental surgery, Oral medicine and Specialist dentistry is provided here. Guy's hospital also provides emergency dental services, and oral and facial surgery. Majority of the work here is performed by students. Dental surgeons, as well as Dental nurses, Dental hygienists, Dental therapists, Dental technicians and Medical photographers give there services here as they are equally important to the efficiency of the hospital's dental care services.

The building was designed by Watkins Gray. website: