The name of the car is Blue Flame which achieved the world land speed record (622.407 miles per hour (1,001.667 km/h)) on Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on October 23, 1970. Although the land speed record set by Blue Flame was broken on 4 October, 1983 by Richard Noble driving his turbojet-powered Thrust2 but still it hold the world record for fastest rocket car. The Blue Flame retained the record for the measured mile for 13 years and retained the flying kilometre record for 27 years till it was broken in 1997, by Andy Green in Thrust SSC. A land speed mark is recognized only after two runs through the flying kilometre and measured mile clocks and both runs must be made within one hour, according to the worldwide rules that govern land speed record attempts.

Fastest Rocket Car

This rocket-powered vehicle was driven by Gary Gabelich (August 29, 1940 – January 26, 1984) who was a Croatian-American race car driver. He drove the dragster first time at the age of 15, and passed as fast as no one before him did in his first attempt. He died in January 1984 in a motorcycle crash.

Blue Flame is 37 feet 4.6 inches long, 7 feet 8 inches wide and an empty weight of 4,000 pounds. It has a 306½ inch wheelbase. The Blue Flame car was constructed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Reaction Dynamics and the engine was designed by Reaction Dynamics, Inc. Reaction Dynamics started out as "DFK Enterprises", for Dausman, Farnsworth and Keller after being formed in 1965. Some of the components were manufactured by Galaxy Manufacturing which was formed in 1966 by Donald J Magro and Gerald Muhs. The Blue Flame was really green as it was fueled by clean-burning natural gas and hydrogen peroxide. The motor could produce 22,500 pounds of thrust – roughly 58,000 horsepower. In operation, the engine permits natural gas use as a liquid or gas or both with a two-stage combustion start. Although natural gas had long been considered an alternative fuel for the transportation sector, much of the public was unaware of this cleaner burning power source. The body of the rocket dragster was made of aluminum. It's structure was a semi monocoque structure where the load is carried by both an external thin shell and reinforcing its frame. Car's contour and color scheme which reminds us the flame coming out of a gas burner is reason for its name "Blue Flame". The car used tyres which featured a smooth tread surface to reduce the buildup of heat during the runs. These tyres were specially designed by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.