Although it was not the first Vitaphone(sound-on-disk) feature, it was the first feature-length Hollywood "talkie" film in which spoken dialogue was used as part of the dramatic action. The 89 minutes movie The Jazz Singer, released in October 1927 in the USA was the first talking movie ever made. Some people claims that Don Juan(1926) was the first talkie movie but the credit has been given to The Jazz Singer. synchronized dialogue sequences were used for the first time in this movie. Darryl F. Zanuck, the producer of the movie, was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Engineering Effects and won the Special Academy Award for producing the film. In 1998, the film was ranked at no. ninety and voted as one of the best American films of all time in voting conducted by the American Film Institute.

First picture

The Jazz Singer is a 1927 American musical film. Its release heralded the commercial ascendance of the talkies and the decline of the silent film era. Produced by Warner Bros starring Al Jolson. The wildly successful "photo-dramatic production" was based upon Samson Raphaelson's 1921 short story "The Day of Atonement". A fictional story of Jakie Rabinowitz is shown in this movie. He is a young man who does not accept the traditions of his devout Jewish family. He is punished by his father, who is a cantor, after being caught singing popular tunes in a beer garden. This prompts him to run away from home. He calls himself Jack Robin and become a talented jazz singer some years later.He tries to be an entertainer and attempts to build a career but demands of his home conflicts with his professional ambitions.

Three subsequent screen versions of The Jazz Singer have been produced: a 1952 remake, starring Danny Thomas and Peggy Lee, a 1959 television remake, starring Jerry Lewis; and a 1980 remake starring Neil Diamond, Lucie Arnaz, and Laurence Olivier.
The Jazz Singer was adapted as a one-hour radio play on two broadcasts of Lux Radio Theater, both starring Al Jolson, reprising his screen role. It was first aired on August 10, 1936; the second on June 2, 1947.

Other Details
Writers: Alfred A. Cohn and Samson Raphaelson (play)
Starring: Al Jolson, May McAvoy, Warner Oland
Music by: Louis Silvers
produced by: Warner Bros.
Directed by:Alan Crosland
Cinematography: Hal Mohr
Editing by: Harold McCord
Release date: October 6, 1927

Cast of the Movie is as follows
Al Jolson as Jakie Rabinowitz (Jack Robin)
Warner Oland as Cantor Rabinowitz
Eugenie Besserer as Sara Rabinowitz
May McAvoy as Mary Dale
Otto Lederer as Moisha Yudelson
and Richard Tucker as Harry Lee