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The enzymes required to obtain wall-free / naked protoplasts are

Cellulase and proteinase
Cellulase and pectinase
Cellulase and amylase
Amylase and pectinase

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The specific triplet of nitrogen bases on the transfer RNA is called

Genetic code
none of the above

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Transgenic plants are developed by

Introducing foreign genes
Introducing gene mutations
Deleting certain chromosomes parts
Stopping spindle formation

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Which one is found only in RNA?


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The linking of antibiotic resistance gene with the plasmid vector became possible with:

DNA ligase
DNA polymerase

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Which one of the following is used as vector for cloning genes into higher organisms?

Salmonella typhimurium
Neurospora crassa

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Some of the characteristics of Bt cotton are

Medium yield, long fibre and resistance to beetle pests
Long fibre and resistance to aphids
High yield and resistance to bollworms
High yield and production of toxic protein crystals which kill dipteran pests

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The genetically-modified (GM) brinjal in India has been developed for

Enhancing shelf life
Enhancing mineral content

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PCR proceeds in three distinct steps governed by temperature, they are in order of

Annealing, Synthesis, Denaturation
Synthesis, Annealing, Denaturation
Denaturation, Annealing, Synthesis
Denaturation, Synthesis, Annealing

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Which of the following is correctly matched?

Ligase - Molecular scissors
Thermus aquaticus - Bt-gene
Agrobacterium tumefaciens - Tumour
Hind II - Plasmid vector

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