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DNA fingerprinting was discovered by

James Watson
Alec Jeffreys
Frederick Fanger
Hargobind Khorana

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DNA is found in

All of the above

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Genomics is the study of

Genes in general
Human genes
Genomes in general
Human genome

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Somatic hybridization is achieved through

Protoplast fusion
Recombinant DNA technology

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Which one is a true statement regarding DNA polymerase used in PCR?

It is isolated from a virus
It remains active at high temperature
It is used to ligate introduced DNA in recipient cells
It serves as a selectable marker

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Which one of the following is a case of wrong matching?

Micropropagation-In vitro production of plants in large numbers
Callus - Unorganized mass of cells produced in tissue culture
Somatic hybridization - Fusion of two diverse cells
Vector DNA - Site for t-RNA synthesis

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Genetic engineering has been successfully used for producing

Transgenic models for studying new treatments for certain cardiac diseases
Transgenic mice for testing safety of polio vaccine before use in humans
Animals like bulls for farm work as they have super power
Transgenic Cow-Rosie which produces high fat milk for making ghee

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The first clinical gene therapy was given for treating?

Rheumatoid arthritis
Chicken pox
Diabetes mellitus
Adenosine deaminase deficiency

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Which of the following terms is used to describe the component isolated from a plant, for in vitro culturing in the specific medium?

Synthetic seeds

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What is true about Bt toxin?

Bt protein exists as active toxin in the Bacillus
The inactive protoxin gets converted into active form in the insect gut
The concerned Bacillus has antitoxins
The activated toxin enters the ovaries of the pest to sterilise it and thus prevent its multiplication

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