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First artificial gene was synthesized by


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Restriction endonucleases are used in genetic engineering and they

cut DNA at various sites
join DNA segments
cut RNA at specific sites
cut DNA at specific sites

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The most common substrate used in distilleries for the production of ethanol is

Corn meal
Soya meal
Ground gram

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Cry genes or Bt genes are obtained from

Cotton pest
Tobacco plant
Bacillus thuringiensis
E - Coli

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Which of the following tool makes possible genetic engineering?

Restriction endonuclease
DNA polymerase
RNA polymerase

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Which one of the following is a case of wrong matching?

Micropropagation-In vitro production of plants in large numbers
Callus - Unorganized mass of cells produced in tissue culture
Somatic hybridization - Fusion of two diverse cells
Vector DNA - Site for t-RNA synthesis

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Micropropagation is a technique

for production of true to type plants
for production of haploid plant
for production of Somatic hybrids
for production of Somaclonal plants

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Cultivation of Bt cotton has been much in the news. The prefix Bt means ______.

produced by biotechnology using restriction enzymes and ligases
bigger thread variety of cotton with better tensile strength
barium-treated cotton seeds
carrying an endotoxin gene from Bacillus thuringiensis

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Cry II Ab and Cry I Ab produce toxins that control

Tobacco budworms and nematodes respectively
Corn borer and cotton bollworms respectively
Cotton bollworms and corn borer respectively
Nematodes and tobacco budworms respectively

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An improved variety of transgenic basmati rice

Gives high yield and is rich in vitamin A
Does not require chemical fertilizers and growth hormones
Give high yield but has no characteristic aroma
Is completely resistant to all insect pests and diseases of paddy

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