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Black mamba snake is a

Black mouthed mamba
Green mouthed mamba
Red mouthed mamba
Yellow mouthed mamba

The black mouthed mamba, is the longest venomous snake.

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In which year , black mamba was first described ?

In, 1860
In, 1862
In, 1864
In, 1866

Albert Gunther described it. He was a German-born British zoologist, ichthyologist and herpetologist.

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When was a subspecies "Dendroaspis polylepis antinorii'' identified ?

In, 1860
In, 1862
In, 1864
In, 1873

But this is no longer accepted as distinct.

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What is the colour of the black mamba''s back skin ?

Red, White, Pink
Green, Yellow
Olive, Brownish, Gray, Khaki

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In which year, Pitman gave the range for total distribution of the black mamba species in Africa ?

In, 1860
In, 1957
In, 1954
In, 1974

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Which type of snake is black mamba ?

Rocky slopes

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In which season black mambas do breeding ?

In Winter
In Summer
In Autumn
In Spring

Which occurs around the month of September in the African regions where these snakes ossur. In this period, the males fight over females.

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The hatchlings are about ………………in length and are totally independent after leaving the eggs.

20 centimeters
40 centimeters
50 centimeters
65 centimeters

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What is the Family of Black mamba ?


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What is the average life span for Black mamba in the wild ?

11 years
15 years
21 years
26 years

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