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Buckingham fountain is located in which park of Chicago, USA ?

Grant Park
Lincoln Park
Millennium Park
Burnham Park

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Buckingham fountain operates in which month of year with regular water shows ?

November to March
April to October
Full year
January to March and August to November

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Who is the architect of Buckingham fountain ?

Jacob Oram
Paul Winsol
Edward Bennett
Smith Oram

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The Buckingham fountain statues were created by the French sculptor

Jacob M. Oram
Paul H. Bennett
Edward H. Bennett
Marcel F. Loyau

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What is the official name of Buckingham fountain ?

Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain
Marcel Buckingham Memorial Fountain
Edward Buckingham Memorial Fountain
Loyau Buckingham Memorial Fountain

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Buckingham fountain was constructed at a cost of


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Who donated the Buckingham fountain to the city ?

Sonia Buckingham
Julie Buckingham
Kate Buckingham
Marry Buckingham

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How many jets are in use for Buckingham fountain ?


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The latest renovation project on Buckingham Fountain began in which year ?


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The Buckingham fountain is considered Chicago's

Back door
Front door
Side door
All of above

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