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What is a Channel Tunnel ?

Air Service
Rail Service
Ship Service
Satellite Service

The Channel Tunnel is a undersea rail tunnel linking United Kingdom with France.

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Who is the owner of Channel Tunnel ?


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What is the name of engineering firm of Channel Tunnel ?


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Who put forward a cross-Channel tunnel proposal in 1802 ?

Shakespeare Cliff
Albert Mathieu
Mitterrand Mid
Albert Cliff

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The Channel Tunnel's lowest point is ___________ deep.

55 m
75 m
85 m
65 m

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In 1919, during the Paris Peace Conference, ___________David Lloyd George repeatedly brought up the idea of a Channel tunnel.

British President
British Prime Minister
French Prime Minister
French President

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What is the tunnel width of Channel Tunnel ?

20-feet in diameter
22-feet in diameter
28-feet in diameter
24-feet in diameter

The "running tunnels," the two tunnels in which the trains run, are 24-feet in diameter.

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The __________ running tunnel carries passengers from England to France.


The northern running tunnel carries passengers from England to France and The southern running tunnel carries passengers from France to England.

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What is the full form of TBM (in reference of Channel Tunnel) ?

Tunnel Boxing Machine
Tunnel Boxing Mechanism
Tunnel Boring Machine
Tunnel Boring Mechanism

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By __________, the Channel Tunnel possesses the longest undersea portion of any tunnel in the world.

37.9 kilometres
42.9 kilometres
47.9 kilometres
57.9 kilometres

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