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What is the starting point of Channel Tunnel ?

Acrise, Kent, United Kingdom
Breach, Kent, United Kingdom
Lade, Kent, United Kingdom
Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom

Channel Tunnel start from Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom, and end at Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, France.

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What is the total length of Channel Tunnel ?

40.45 km
50.45 km
60.45 km
55.45 km

The Channel Tunnel is 31.35 miles long, with 24 of those miles located under water.

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What is the gauge value of Channel Tunnel ?

1435 mm
1635 mm
1235 mm
1835 mm

Its Gauge value is 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1/2 in) (standard gauge).

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In which year, the "Treaty of Canterbury" was signed allowing the project for Channel Tunnel to proceed.


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In 1919, during the Paris Peace Conference, ___________David Lloyd George repeatedly brought up the idea of a Channel tunnel.

British President
British Prime Minister
French Prime Minister
French President

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What is the tunnel width of Channel Tunnel ?

20-feet in diameter
22-feet in diameter
28-feet in diameter
24-feet in diameter

The "running tunnels," the two tunnels in which the trains run, are 24-feet in diameter.

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The __________ running tunnel carries passengers from England to France.


The northern running tunnel carries passengers from England to France and The southern running tunnel carries passengers from France to England.

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It how total time to travel across the Channel Tunnel, from terminal to terminal.

35 minutes
35 minutes
45 minutes
55 minutes

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Around how many skilled and unskilled workers would be hired to build the Channel Tunnel ?


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How many communication systems are in the tunnel ?


There are three communication systems in the tunnel. 1) concession radio (CR) for mobile vehicles and personnel within Eurotunnel''s Concession (terminals, tunnels, coastal shafts) 2) track-to-train radio (TTR) for secure speech and data between trains and the railway control centre 3) Shuttle internal radio (SIR) for communication between shuttle crew and to passengers over car radios

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