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Langauge development of children depends on which of the given option ?

better socio-economic environment
better schooling
freedom of expression given to the child
all given above

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What is the main role of discipline in education ?

Students can be controlled easily
Similarity in behaviour can be seen
cultured life can be enhanced
internal qualities are developed

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Evaluation is helpful for a teacher in which of the following ways?

it opens new avenues for action researches
a teacher can categorise his pupil into different groups
a teacher can give immediate feedback to his pupils
all of the above

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By which age language develops in children ?

by birth
by childhood
in primary education
in higher education

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By which age habits develop in children ?

by childhood
by birth
in primary education
in higher education

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Learning is the process in which

the learned person stops learning
learning proceeds lifelong
children learn more and more
children learn more and more in teacher''s supervision

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Child development is meant by which ?

development in the length, breadth and fatness of the children
development of the mental and intellectual ability
overall development of the child
development of the child

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A school gives preference to girls while preparing students for a state level solo-songs competition. This reflects

global trends
pragmatic approach
progressive thinking
gender bias

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Young learners should be encouraged to interact with peers in the class-room so that

they can learn answers to questions from each other
the syllabus can be covered quickly
they learn social skills in the course of study
the teacher can control the class-room better

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Which is the most important quality of a teacher ?

relation between teacher and students
the furniture of school
subject matter
teaching method

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