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Langauge development of children depends on which of the given option ?

better socio-economic environment
better schooling
freedom of expression given to the child
all given above

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What was the main objective of cardinal principal for education ?

we should take the education with its present situation
we should emphasize on multi system syllabus
we should teach that education which is useful in fighting also
we should teach that education which solve the business problems

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Which of the following statements cannot be considered as a feature of the process of learning?

educational institutions are the only place where learning takes place
learning is a comprehensive process
learning is goal-oriented
unlearning is also a learning process

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By which age language develops in children ?

by birth
by childhood
in primary education
in higher education

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Learning is the process in which

the learned person stops learning
learning proceeds lifelong
children learn more and more
children learn more and more in teacher''s supervision

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Child development is meant by which ?

development in the length, breadth and fatness of the children
development of the mental and intellectual ability
overall development of the child
development of the child

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Which of the following is an important factor of creativity?

parential guidance

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Young learners should be encouraged to interact with peers in the class-room so that

they can learn answers to questions from each other
the syllabus can be covered quickly
they learn social skills in the course of study
the teacher can control the class-room better

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Who is mainly responsible for classroom management ?


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In active learning which of given is not an element ?


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