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Langauge development of children depends on which of the given option ?

better socio-economic environment
better schooling
freedom of expression given to the child
all given above

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Hindi should be a compulsory subject in schools because

hindi is our national language
hindi is a widely spoken language
hindi is a language of general people
it is spoken in other countries also

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Evaluation is helpful for a teacher in which of the following ways?

it opens new avenues for action researches
a teacher can categorise his pupil into different groups
a teacher can give immediate feedback to his pupils
all of the above

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By which age language develops in children ?

by birth
by childhood
in primary education
in higher education

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Growth is meant by which ?

changes related to result
changes related to measurement
changes related to result and measurement
changes related to learning

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Birth period is correct for which option ?

0 to 2 years
0 to 3 years
0 to 4 years
0 to 5 years

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Which of the following is an important factor of creativity?

parential guidance

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In children development of creativity, which of these is not helpful ?

story writing

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Which one of the following learnings is permanent?

by understanding
by seeing
by rote
by listening

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In a child-centered classroom, children generally learn

individually and in groups
in groups
mainly from the teacher

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