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Assimilation is the other name of


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Which of the following is not a characteristics of evaluation?

it is comprehensive process covering all of the three domains of behaviour
it is a systematic process going in the direction of predetermined objectives
it is done at the end of the task
it is a purposeful activity fulfilling the requirement of the teacher and taught

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Which habit is found in excess in childhood ?


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What is the meaning of learning ?

to get top position in the class
to make learned
change in behaviour
be active for work

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Child development is a process of

slow speedy movement
continuous, gradual ongoing process
ongoing development in a similar way
development in as usual

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In children development of creativity, which of these is not helpful ?

story writing

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Young learners should be encouraged to interact with peers in the class-room so that

they can learn answers to questions from each other
the syllabus can be covered quickly
they learn social skills in the course of study
the teacher can control the class-room better

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The emphasisfrom teaching to learning can be shifted by

adopting frontal teaching
focusing on examination results
adopting child-centered pedagogy
encouraging rote learning

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In a child-centered classroom, children generally learn

individually and in groups
in groups
mainly from the teacher

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Which is the most important quality of a teacher ?

relation between teacher and students
the furniture of school
subject matter
teaching method

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