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What was the main objective of cardinal principal for education ?

we should take the education with its present situation
we should emphasize on multi system syllabus
we should teach that education which is useful in fighting also
we should teach that education which solve the business problems

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By which age language develops in children ?

by birth
by childhood
in primary education
in higher education

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Which habit is found in excess in childhood ?


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Growth is meant by which ?

changes related to result
changes related to measurement
changes related to result and measurement
changes related to learning

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Birth period is correct for which option ?

0 to 2 years
0 to 3 years
0 to 4 years
0 to 5 years

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According to Vygotsky which is the most important factor in the development of any child ?


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Which of the following is an important factor of creativity?

parential guidance

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A school gives preference to girls while preparing students for a state level solo-songs competition. This reflects

global trends
pragmatic approach
progressive thinking
gender bias

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The emphasisfrom teaching to learning can be shifted by

adopting frontal teaching
focusing on examination results
adopting child-centered pedagogy
encouraging rote learning

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In a child-centered classroom, children generally learn

individually and in groups
in groups
mainly from the teacher

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