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Which one of the following is a critique of theory of multiple intelligences ?

Multiple intelligence are only the ''talents'' present in intelligence as a whole
Multiple intdligence provides students to discover their propensities.
It overemphasises practical intelligence.
It cannot be supported by empirical evidence at all.

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Features assigned due to social roles and not due to biological endowment are called

Gender role attitudes
Gender role strain
Gender-role stereotype
Gender role diagnosticity

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Which of the following will be most appropriate to maximise learning ?

Teacher should identify her cognitive style as well as of her students'' cognitive style
Individual difference in students should be smoothened by pairing similar students
Teacher should focus on only one learning style to bring optimum result.
Students of similar cultural background should be kept in the same class to avoid difference in opinion.

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Differentiated instruction is

using a variety of groupings to meet student needs.
doing something different for every student in the class
disorderly or undisciplined student activity.
using groups that never change

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Gifted students are

Convergent thinkers
Divergent thinkers
Very hard working

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CBSE prescribed group activities for students in place of activities for individual students. The idea behind doing so could be

to overcome the negative emotional response to individual competition which may generalise across learning.
to make it easy for teachers to observe groups instead of individual students.
to rationalise the time available with schools most of which do not have enough time for individual activities
to reduce the infrastructural cost of the activity

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A, B and C are three students studying english. ''A'' finds it interesting and thinks it will be helpful for her in future. ''B'' studies English as she wants to secure first rank in the class. ''C'' studies it as she is primarily concerned to secure passing grades. The goals of A, B and C respectively are

Mastery, Performance, Performance Avoidance
Performance, Performance Avoidance, Mastery
Performance Avoidance, Mastery, Performance
Mastery, Performance Avoidance, Performance

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Even though this was clearly in violation of his safety needs, Captain Vikram Batra died fighting in the Kargil War while protecting his country. He might have

sought novel experience.
achieved self-actualisation.
ignored his belongingness needs
wanted to earn a good name to his family.

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Which of the following statements support role of environment in the development of a child ?

Some students quickly process information while others in the same class do not.
There has been a steady increase in students'' average performance on IQ tests in last few decades.
Correlation between IQs of identical twins raised in different homes is as high as 0.75.
Physically fit children are often found to be morally good.

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Karnail Singh does not pay income tax despite legal procedures and expenses. He thinks that he cannot support a corrupt government which spends millions .of rupees in building unnecessary dams. He is probably in which state of Kohlberg''s stages of moral development

Post Conventional
Pre Conventional
Para Conventional

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