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Which one of the following pair is least likely to be a correct match ?

Children enter in - Chomsky the world with certain knowledge about language
Language and --Vygotsky thought are initially two different activities
Language IS - Piaget contingent on thought
Language is a - B.F. Skinner stimuli in enviomment

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Features assigned due to social roles and not due to biological endowment are called

Gender role attitudes
Gender role strain
Gender-role stereotype
Gender role diagnosticity

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All of the following promote assessment as learning except

telling students to take internal feedback.
generating a safe environment for students to take chances.
tell students to reflect on the topic taught
testing students as frequently as possible.

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Which one of the following pair would be most appropriate choice to complete the following s1entence ?

Children ______ faster when they are involved in the activities that seem to be ______.

Forget; useful in a classroom
Recall; linked with their classwork only
Memorise; culturally neutral
Learn; useful in real life

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If students repeatedly make errors during a lesson, a teacher should

make changes in instruction, tasks, timetable or seating arrangements.
leave the lesson for the time being and come back to it after some time.
identify the erring students and talk to principal about them.
make erring students stand outside the classroom

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Which one of the following is correctly matched ?

Physical Development - Environment
Cognitive Development - Maturation
Social Development- Environment
Emotional Development - Maturation

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All the following facts indicate that a child is emotionally and socially fit in a class except

develop good relationships with peers
concentrate on and persist with challenging tasks
manage both anger and joy effectively
concentrate persistently on competition with peers

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Socialisation includes cultural transmission and

discourages rebellion
development of individual personality.
fits children into labels.
provides emotional support

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A teacher shows two identical glasses filled with an equal amount of juice in them. She empties them in two different glasses one of which is taller and the other one is wider. She asks her class to identify which glass would have more juice in it. Students reply that the taller glass has more juice. Her students have diflictllty in dealing with


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Karnail Singh does not pay income tax despite legal procedures and expenses. He thinks that he cannot support a corrupt government which spends millions .of rupees in building unnecessary dams. He is probably in which state of Kohlberg''s stages of moral development

Post Conventional
Pre Conventional
Para Conventional

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