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Which one of the following is a critique of theory of multiple intelligences ?

Multiple intelligence are only the ''talents'' present in intelligence as a whole
Multiple intdligence provides students to discover their propensities.
It overemphasises practical intelligence.
It cannot be supported by empirical evidence at all.

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Features assigned due to social roles and not due to biological endowment are called

Gender role attitudes
Gender role strain
Gender-role stereotype
Gender role diagnosticity

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All of the following promote assessment as learning except

telling students to take internal feedback.
generating a safe environment for students to take chances.
tell students to reflect on the topic taught
testing students as frequently as possible.

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In a culturally and linguistically diverse classroom, before deciding whether a student comes under special education category, a teacher should

Not involve parents as parents have their own work
Evaluate student on her/his mother language to establish disability
Use specialised psychologists
Segregate the child to neutralise environmental factor.

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Which one of the following pair would be most appropriate choice to complete the following s1entence ?

Children ______ faster when they are involved in the activities that seem to be ______.

Forget; useful in a classroom
Recall; linked with their classwork only
Memorise; culturally neutral
Learn; useful in real life

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Students observe fashion shows and try to imitate models. This kind of imitation may be called

Primary simulation
Secondary simulation
Social learning

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Bloom''s taxonomy is a hierarchical organisation of ______

achievement goals
curricular declarations
reading skills
cognitive objectives

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Extinction of a response is more dilifficult following

partial reinforcement
continuous reinforcement
verbal reproach

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Which one of the following is correctly matched ?

Physical Development - Environment
Cognitive Development - Maturation
Social Development- Environment
Emotional Development - Maturation

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Socialisation includes cultural transmission and

discourages rebellion
development of individual personality.
fits children into labels.
provides emotional support

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