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Which one of the following pair is least likely to be a correct match ?

Children enter in - Chomsky the world with certain knowledge about language
Language and --Vygotsky thought are initially two different activities
Language IS - Piaget contingent on thought
Language is a - B.F. Skinner stimuli in enviomment

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Which of the following will be most appropriate to maximise learning ?

Teacher should identify her cognitive style as well as of her students'' cognitive style
Individual difference in students should be smoothened by pairing similar students
Teacher should focus on only one learning style to bring optimum result.
Students of similar cultural background should be kept in the same class to avoid difference in opinion.

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In a culturally and linguistically diverse classroom, before deciding whether a student comes under special education category, a teacher should

Not involve parents as parents have their own work
Evaluate student on her/his mother language to establish disability
Use specialised psychologists
Segregate the child to neutralise environmental factor.

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Learning disabilities may occur due to all of the following except

Teachers way of teaching
Prenatal use of alcohol
Mental Retardation
Meningitis during infancy

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CBSE prescribed group activities for students in place of activities for individual students. The idea behind doing so could be

to overcome the negative emotional response to individual competition which may generalise across learning.
to make it easy for teachers to observe groups instead of individual students.
to rationalise the time available with schools most of which do not have enough time for individual activities
to reduce the infrastructural cost of the activity

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If students repeatedly make errors during a lesson, a teacher should

make changes in instruction, tasks, timetable or seating arrangements.
leave the lesson for the time being and come back to it after some time.
identify the erring students and talk to principal about them.
make erring students stand outside the classroom

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A, B and C are three students studying english. ''A'' finds it interesting and thinks it will be helpful for her in future. ''B'' studies English as she wants to secure first rank in the class. ''C'' studies it as she is primarily concerned to secure passing grades. The goals of A, B and C respectively are

Mastery, Performance, Performance Avoidance
Performance, Performance Avoidance, Mastery
Performance Avoidance, Mastery, Performance
Mastery, Performance Avoidance, Performance

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Even though this was clearly in violation of his safety needs, Captain Vikram Batra died fighting in the Kargil War while protecting his country. He might have

sought novel experience.
achieved self-actualisation.
ignored his belongingness needs
wanted to earn a good name to his family.

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Extinction of a response is more dilifficult following

partial reinforcement
continuous reinforcement
verbal reproach

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Mastery orientation can be encouraged by

focusing on students'' individual effort.
comparing students'' successes with each other.
assigning lot of practice material as home assignments.
taking unexpected tests.

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