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Currently , CN Tower is the world''s ________ free-standing structure.

5th tallest
2nd tallest
1st tallest
6th tallest

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What is the website url of CN Tower ?

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Who build the CN Tower ?

Canadian National Space agency
Canadian National Airways
Canadian National Shipping organization
Canadian National Railways

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What is the date of Structure Relighting (LED system) of CN Tower ?


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What is the name of CN Tower''s famous restaurant ?

180 Restaurant
270 Restaurant
360 Restaurant
90 Restaurant

360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, one of Toronto''s finest, features unforgettable food combined with a magnificent revolving view of Toronto more than 351 metres (1,151 ft) below. 360 offers market-fresh cuisine, featuring regional ingredients to ensure an incomparable culinary experience.

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The CN Tower was built to withstand an earthquake of ________ on the Richter scale.


The CN Tower was built to withstand an earthquake of 8.5 on the Richter scale (the Kobe earthquake in 1995 was 7.2 on the Richter scale). The upper reaches of the CN Tower were built to withstand winds up to 418 km/h (260 mph).

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Which was the tallest structure in the world which was surpassed by CN tower in height by 13 metres ?

Canton Tower
Canadian National Tower
Ostankino Tower
Empire State Building

It is a television and radio tower in Moscow, Russia. It surpassed the Empire State Building and was a masterpiece of Soviet engineering in the time period it was built, to become the tallest free-standing structure in the world. It held this record for nine years until the CN surpassed it.

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When the CN Tower opened in 1976, there were three public observation points. Which of the given in not in those ?

Indoor Lookout Level
Outdoor Observation Terrace
Obervation tower

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On September 12, 2007, ___________, then under construction, surpassed the CN Tower as the world''s tallest free-standing structure

Canton Tower
Burj Khalifa
Tokyo Skytree
TV Tower Vinnytsia

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What is the height of metal broadcast antenna, carrying TV and radio signals situated at the top of CN Tower ?

68 m
85 m
102 m
116 m

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