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What is the weight range of American Crocodile ?

130 to 150
160 to 190
130 to 190

American crocodile (avg. male 160 -190 kg & female 80 -90 kg).

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For how many time a Crocodile can stay in the water?

Only 1 minute
3 minutes
3 to 5 minutes
2 to 8 minutes

A crocodile can stay underwater for three to five minutes.

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One of these is not a famous species of Crocodile.

American crocodile
Slender-snouted crocodile
Orinoco crocodile
Dirtywater crocodile

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What is the average life age of Crocodile?

30-40 years
35-50 years
10-15 years
10-20 years

All crocodile species have an average lifespan of at least 30-40 years, and in the case of larger species an average of 60-70 years.

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Where is the nostrils located of a crocodile ?

Below the head
Top of the head
Left side of the head
Right side of the head

The eyes, ears and nostrils are located on top of the head, allowing the crocodile to lie low in the water, almost totally submerged and hidden from prey.

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What is the special with Crocodile eyes ?

Good night vision
Can see in the two direction at a time
Can see in backside

Crocodiles have very good night vision, and are mostly nocturnal hunters. They use the disadvantage of most prey animals'' poor nocturnal vision, to their advantage.

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Which body part of the Crocodile are too weak ?

Muscles to open the jaw
Muscles to close the jaw

Despite the strong muscles to close the jaw, crocodiles have extremely small and weak muscles to open the jaw.

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Why Crocodile is very dangerous for people ?

Because of strong teeth
Because of very large jaw
because of their ability to strike before the person can react

The larger species of crocodiles are very dangerous to humans, mainly because of their ability to strike before the person can react.

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What is special with crocodile skin ?

Soft and Durable

Crocodile skin is considered one of the finest and best, being soft and durable. In many tribal societies, skin crocodile is used as a symbol of high status.

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Generally how many teeth exists in crocodile jaw ?


Each crocodile jaw carries 24 sharp teeth meant to grasp and crush, not to chew.

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