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Problem solving method is the

cultivation of mathematical ingenuity, creativity and heuristic thinking by making students open-minded
gradual and systematic guiding through the hierarchy of mathematical notions, ideas and techniques
teaching of mathematical results, definitions and concepts by repetition and memorization
teaching the development of mathematics within a historical, social and cultural context

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Given n numbers, n >1,of which, one is 1 - 1/n and all other are 1’s. The mean of then n numbers is


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4-(2-9)0 + 32 /1 + 3 is equal to


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Which of the fractions is the least?


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While solving a problem based on ‘Pythagoras theorem’, a teacher draws the following triangle ABC. Rajan argued that the triangle ABC is not drawn correctly. The only way to draw it is
Rajan has the misconception as

he lacks in analytical ability
he is weak in geometrical concepts
his teacher must have always drawn the triangle in this particular way
he has dysgraphia

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In order to help the students with difficulties in remembering the geometrical the geometrical terms and their meaning, a teacher must

encourage group discussions
stress on rote memorization of all terms and definitions
use lots of activities like preparing or solving crossword puzzles, jig-saw puzzles, etc
test students on definition of geometrical terms

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Mr. Manish used lots of manipulative, Maths Lab activities and ICT activities to clarify the concept of ‘Symmetry’. Mr. Manish wants to

cater to kinesthetic learners only
cater to students of all learning styles
be popular amongst his students
pass time so that he can avoid teaching of next topic, as it is not of his interest

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The diameter of a cylindrical jar is increased by 25%. By what percent must the height of the jar be decreased so that there is no change in its volume?


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Ankur got zero marks in a word problem on linear equations in an assessment. The teacher knows that he can solve linear equations correctly. The teacher ought to remark in his report

Ankur lacks concentration and hence has examination phobia
Ankur is not studying and practicing at home
Ankur has not understood the concept of linear equations completely
Ankur has a problem in comprehending the language of the question, though he can solve the equations

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How many lines of symmetry does a parallelogram have?


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