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Jeans trousers are made from which type of clothes ?

Denim cloth
Dungaree cloth
Both of the above
None of the above

Dungaree word is derived from Dongri village which is near Mumbai, India. This fabric is a thick 2/2 twill weave cotton cloth. It is mostly coloured blue. Denim is sturdy cotton twill textile where the weft passes under two or more warp threads. Dungaree and Denim are coloured in different ways. Dungaree being woven from pre-coloured yarn whereas denim is only coloured after weaving.

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The jeans brand "Levis" is named after whom ?

Levi peterson
Levi cook
Levi strauss
Levi anderson

Born on February 26, 1829 in Buttenheim, Germany, Levi Strauss moved to USA at the age of 18 and in January 1853 he became a USA citizen. He opened a wholesale business of dry goods as Levi Strauss & Co. By this company and with the help of Jacob Davis, he invented blue jeans.They patented it in 1873.

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Sailors started to use jeans for which type of work ?

their boots
Cover to protect their goods

Genoese, Italy sailors started to use jeans to protect their goods on the docks from the weather.

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Initially, jeans were worn by

Social workers
College students
Factory workers
Rich peoples

At this time the jeans of men were zipper down on the front while jeans of women had the zipper down the left side.

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Traditionally, which dye was used on jeans to form a blue color ?

Magenta dye
Indigo dye
Light blue dye
Green dye

Traditionally, jeans are dyed to a blue color using an indigo dye. Approximately 20 thousand tons of indigo are produced annually for this purpose, though only a few grams of the dye are required for each pair.

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Levi Strauss first marketed preshrunk jeans in which year ?


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A typical pair of blue jeans consumes how much gallons of water during its life cycle ?


A typical pair of blue jeans consumes 919 gallons of water during its life cycle. This includes the water to irrigate the cotton crop, manufacture the jeans, and the numerous washes by the consumer

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Jacob W. Davis, inventor of jeans, was born in which city ?


Jacob Youphes was born in the city of Riga, today Latvia, in 1831. During his time in Riga city, he trained and worked as a tailor.

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Jeans were known by which name until 1960 ?

Legs overalls
Knee overalls
Waist overalls
Ankle overalls

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Denim jeans is unique because it is woven with

Many yarn colors
Filler yarn
Two yarn colors

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