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Discuss throw is an ancient sport, as evidenced by the __________ century BC Myron statue, Discobolus.


The discus throw is an event in track and field athletics competition, in which an athlete throws a heavy disc—called a discus—in an attempt to mark a farther distance than his or her competitors.

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What is the weight of disc for women's sports event ?

4.4 lb
8.4 lb
2.0 lb
2.2 lb

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What is the weight of disc for men''s sports event ?

4.4 lb
8.9 lb
2.4 lb
4.5 lb

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The diameter of the disc for Discuss throw for women''s event is

120-140 millimeters
240-360 millimeters
250-500 millimeters
180-182 millimeters

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For a heavy weight discuss throw, _____ is most effected.

Angular momentum

A discus with more weight in the rim produces greater angular momentum for any given spin rate, and thus more stability, although it is more difficult to throw. However, a higher rim weight, if thrown correctly, can lead to a farther throw. A solid rubber discus is sometimes used

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Who has the world record for the longest discus throw for men's event ?

Edward Omens
Jurgen Schult
Al Oerter

He belongs to Germany. He made world record in 1986.

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Who has the world record in women''s discuss throw event ?

Lilly Henoch
Halina Konopacka
Gabriele Reinsch

She made the record in 1988 by throwing it at a distance of 76.80 m

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Who won gold in London Olympics 2012 for discuss throw in Men's event ?

Vikas Gowda
Robert Harting
Jurgen Schult

He threw the discuss at a distance of 68.27 m

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In ancient time ,A discus thrower was known as.

Dokosu Sane
All of above

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The women's competition of discus throw was added to the Olympic program in the _____ games, although they had been competing at some national and regional levels previously.


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