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What is the fly speed of Dragonfly ?

90 kmph
95 kmph
93 kmph
97 kmph

Dragonflies are among the fastest flying insects in the world. Tillyard claimed to have recorded the Southern Giant Darner flying at nearly 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) in a rough field measurement.

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What is special with Dragonfly eyes ?

Very small eyes
Large multifaceted eyes
Single eye
No eyes

It is characterized by large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong transparent wings, and an elongated body.

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How many days Dragonflies usually live ?

30 days
20 days
60 days
10 days

Dragonflies will usually only live for less than thirty days.

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What is the wingspan size of most dragonflies ?

1 to 2 Inches
2 to 3 Inches
5 to 6 Inches
3 to 4 Inches

Most dragonflies have a wingspan of about 3 to 4 inches long.

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Dragonflies can lay up to _____ eggs at time.


Dragonflies can lay up to 800 eggs at time.

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For how many years, dragonflies have been around for ?

120 million years
300 million years
380 million years
270 million years

They have been around for 300 million years. Prehistoric dragonflies were much larger and could have a wingspan of 2 ½ feet!

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In which country, people like to eat dragonfly for a snack ?

South Africa
New Zealand
Sri Lanka

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What is considered a good luck in terms of dragonfly ?

Capture a dragonfly
Kill a dragonfly
Landing of dragonfly on the head

Having a dragonfly land on your head is considered good luck.

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How dragonfly get warmed up ?

With a fast fly
With eat a burn insect
Warm up in the sun

They need to warm up in the sun during the morning before taking off and flying for most of the day.

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How many lens exists in dragonfly eyes ?


A dragonfly’s eyes have about 30,000 lenses and a dragonfly can see all the way around it, but they don’t see details very well.

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