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Abbreviate AT&T

American Telephone and Telegraph Company
Asian Telephone and Telegraph Company
American Telegraph and Telephone Company
Asian Telegraph and Telephone Company

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American Oil Company
Asian Oil Company
American Oil Corporation
Asian Oil Corporation

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Bharat Soochna Nigam Limited
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
Bharat Sandesh Nigam Limited
Bharat Samuel Nigam Limited

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Bharat Physical Laboratories
Burman Physical Laboratories
British Physical Laboratories
Bhutan Physical Laboratories

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Engage in Sports Programming Network
Engaging in Sports Programming Network
Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
English Sports Programming Network

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Hindustan Company Limited
Hind Corporation Limited
Hindustan Corporation Limited
Hindustan Computer Limited

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Just Victor Corporation
Jovan Vice Corpotation
Jovan Vi Company
Japan Victor Company

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James Bullough Lansing
James Bulldog Lansing
Japan Bullough Lansing
Japan Bulldog Lansing

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West International Palm Refined Oil Ltd
Western India Palm Refined Oil Ltd
Western International Palm Refined Oil Ltd
West India Pulp Refined Oil Ltd

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Nippon Electric Company
Nippon Electronics Company
Nippon Electric Corporational
Nippon Electronic Corporation

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