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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is a membar of

Abgaal Hawiye clan
Absame clan
Aulihan clan
Habar Gidir clan

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was born in

Mataban District
Mahaas District
Buuloburde District
Jalalaqsi District

Mohamud was born in Jalalaqsi, a small agricultural town situated in the central Hiran of present-day Somalia, during the trusteeship period.

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud earned his Undergraduate diploma in


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In 1986, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud began attending

Bhopal university
Lucknow university
Magadh university
Delhi university

n 1986, Mohamud journeyed to India and began attending Bhopal University (now Barkatullah University). There, he completed a master''s degree in technical education in 1988

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In 1999, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Co-established

Somali Institute of Management and Advice
Somali Institute of Marketing and Administration
Somali Institute of Management and Administration
Somali Institute of Money and Administration

The institution subsequently grew into the SIMAD University, with Mohamud acting as dean until 2010

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is __ president of somalia.


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Main reason for Hassan Sheikh Mohamud''s selection for president is

His advancing national reconciliation
His anti-corruption measures
His security sector reforms
All of the above

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud will remain Peace and Development Party''s chairman for next

3 years
2 years
5 years
10 years

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After the cairo agreement of 1997, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was a member of a team that negotiatedand dismantled

The green line
The yellow line
The Red line
The Blue line

GREENLINE divided Mogadishu into north and south after the disastrous war of 1992.

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Since 2007, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud worked as a consultant and advisor in Somali political crisis with various international and local organizations including

UNDP Somalia
Life and Peace Institute
Conciliation Resources
All of the above

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