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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud founded a party named

Peace and Divide Party
Poll and Dempocratic Party
Peace and Development party
Peace and Peace Party

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is a membar of

Abgaal Hawiye clan
Absame clan
Aulihan clan
Habar Gidir clan

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud moved to Mogadishu to study in

Benadir University
African University
Somalia National University
Mogadishu University

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In 1986, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud began attending

Bhopal university
Lucknow university
Magadh university
Delhi university

n 1986, Mohamud journeyed to India and began attending Bhopal University (now Barkatullah University). There, he completed a master''s degree in technical education in 1988

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In August 2012, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was selected as a MP in

Future Parliament of Somalia
Federal Parliament of Somalia
First Parliament of Somalia
Front Parliament of Somalia

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On 6th october 2012, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud appointed _____ as the new prime minister of somalia

Abdi Farah Shirdon
Abdiweli Mohamed Ali
Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed
Mohamed Osman Jawari

On 4 November 2012, Shirdon named a new Cabinet, which was later endorsed by the legislature on 13 November 2012.

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is __ president of somalia.


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In the office of president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was preceded by

Abdiweli Mohamed Ali
Abdi Farah Shirdon
Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed
Mohamed Osman Jawari

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamudi is linked to


He has links with al-Islah, the Somali branch of the Muslim brotherhood which was vital in rebuilding the education system in the wake of the clan conflicts.

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has

2 wives
3 wives
1 wife
he is unmarried

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