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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is the ______ of Somalia

Vice president
Finance minister
Defence minister

He is the President of Somalia, having been elected on 10 September 2012 and inaugurated six days later

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In April 2013, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was named in annual list of 100 most influentail people in the world of

Filmfare magazine
TIME magazine
Time Out magazine
The Week magazine

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was born in

Mataban District
Mahaas District
Buuloburde District
Jalalaqsi District

Mohamud was born in Jalalaqsi, a small agricultural town situated in the central Hiran of present-day Somalia, during the trusteeship period.

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud can speak

Both A & B
None of the above

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud moved to Mogadishu to study in

Benadir University
African University
Somalia National University
Mogadishu University

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From 1993 to 1995, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud worked as

Women empowerment minister
Education officer for UNICEF
Employment minister
Energy minister

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In August 2012, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was selected as a MP in

Future Parliament of Somalia
Federal Parliament of Somalia
First Parliament of Somalia
Front Parliament of Somalia

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is __ president of somalia.


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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud will remain Peace and Development Party''s chairman for next

3 years
2 years
5 years
10 years

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has attended approx __ number of conferences in his term in president office


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