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What is the name of Helicopter's Inventor who made drawings of an ornithopter flying machine the mid 1500''s ?

Corradino D''Ascanio
Leonardo Da Vinci
Nicolas Florine
Nikolay Kamov

During the mid 1500''s, Italian inventor Leonardo Da Vinci made drawings of an ornithopter flying machine that some experts say inspired the modern day helicopter.

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In which year, French inventor, Launoy and Bienvenue created a toy with a rotary-wing that could lift and fly and proved the principle of helicopter flight.


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French inventor, Etienne Oehmichen built and flew a helicopter to a distance of ______ in 1924. Fill in the blank.

One kilometer
Two kilometers
Three kilometers
Four kilometers

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There are two types of helicopter engines, one is Turbine engine. What is the second one ?

Automobile Engine
Piston Engine
Jet Engine
Aircraft Engine

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Who is known as the father of Helicopter ?

Leonardo Da Vinci
Launoy and Bienvenue
Ponton D''Amecourt
Igor Sikorsky

Igor Sikorsky is considered to be the "father" of helicopters not because he invented the first. He is called that because he invented the first successful helicopter, upon which further designs were based.

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We can''t use a helicopter for __________ purpose. Fll in the blank.

Fast Travelling
Sight Seeing

Because helicopters can take off and land vertically, hover or fly at slow speeds and rotate 360 degrees while hovering, helicopters are the aircraft of choice for search and rescue, sightseeing, and police patrol.

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Which helicopter became the world''s first gas turbine-powered helicopter ?

Kaman K-215
Kaman K-225
Kaman K-235
Kaman K-245

In 1951, an American aeronautical engineer Charles Kaman modified his Kaman K-225 helicopter with the turboshaft engine. This modified Kaman K-225 became the world''s first gas turbine-powered helicopter.

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In which war, Helicopters were first used by the Germans and Japanese.

World War 1
World War 2
British - German War
British - US war

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What is the highest altitude by a helicopter ?

28567 ft
30308 ft
32548 ft
40820 ft

Highest altitude made in a helicopter was 40,820ft (12,442m) on 21, June 1972 in a Aerospatiale Lama and the Pilot was Jean Bouet from France.

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Helicopter is also known as


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