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According to scientists, when does the memory begin to function in human beings?

Since birth
4 weeks after conception
13 weeks after conception
30 weeks after conception

Theoretically, it's even possible for humans to form memories from inside the womb, but scientists found that a fetus will remember and respond to acoustic signals delivered up to 24 hours apart at about 30 weeks after conception.

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Which of these process helps in providing stabilized and enhanced memory in humans ?

Drinking water
Eating good food

Studies show an improved ability to recognize visual patterns and even some math problems after one good night sleep. Many believe our brains "consolidate" or solidify recent memories while we're asleep.

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Neuron loss in the brain accelerates significantly at what age ?


Neuron loss starts to ramp up after 30. Between the ages of 25 and 75, it's believed that our ability to learn and remember new things decreases by 50%.

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Which fruit is believed to help improve memory function ?


Blueberries contain a known memory-boosting phytochemical called anthocyanin and other nutrients that may help support memory.

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How many watts of power does your brain generate while you're awake ?

10-25 watts
35-50 watts
65-80 watts

The conscious brain is capable of generating anywhere from 10 watts to about 25 watts of power - just enough to power a light bulb.

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Human brain uses what percentage of the body's energy ?


Relative to our body size, the human brain is bigger than that of any other animal. It represents about 3 per cent of our body's total weight but it uses 20 per cent of our body's energy.

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There are the three stages of the human memory stages. Pick the wrong one out.


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Typically, how many random items can human short-term memory store ?

3 to 4
6 to 8
9 to 11
15 to 19

The average number of items human brain can store is about 6-8. They remain there for up to 30 seconds, however, memory capacity can be increased through a process called chunking. For example, in recalling a ten-digit telephone number, a person could chunk the digits into three groups: first, the area code (such as 123), then a three-digit chunk (456) and lastly a four-digit chunk (7890).

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The left side of the brain controls which side of your body ?

the left side
the right side
both sides
no side

An injury to the left side of your brain will cause physical effects to the right side of your body.

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Your brain uses how much of the oxygen you take in ?

5 percent
10 percent
20 percent
50 percent

Twenty percent of the oxygen in your bloodstream is rerouted to keep your brain working properly.

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