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Which of the following declares Vishnu Ji as Parmatma, Parmeshwar?

Vishnu Bharti
Vishnu Sahasranama
Purana Bharti
All of the above

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What does the term " Vishnu Vishateh" means?

Vishnu is parmatma
Vishnu is the supreme soul
One who enters everywhere
Vishnu is equivalent to the universe

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Who wrote Nirukta, containing comments on Vedas?

Ved Vyas

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What does the term "Uru-krama" means?

Supreme Soul
Round Walk
Lord hold feets
Wide Steps

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Lakshmi Mata is also known as?

Option 1 and 2

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In the puranas what has been told the reason for giving boon to Demons?

Becasue of their pleasure life
Indra became haughty and proud
Demons were their son

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In the Rig Veda: Shakala Shakha; Aitareya Brahmana Lord Agni has been considered as?

Youngest Lord
Equal to Vishnu Ji
Demi God
None of these

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Vishnu Smriti belongs to which shastra?

Dharma Sastra
Yog Sastra
Bhakti Sastra
All of the above

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What does the term Resplendent mean to Vishnu Ji?

One who is present everywhere
One who is unchallenged
One who is self-sufficient
One who is full of energy

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Who is also known as Vaishnavi?

Parvati Ji
Lakshmi Ji
Durga Ji
Option1 and 3

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