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Among the follwing lords who has been considered as transformer?

Lord Vishnu
Lord Shiva
Lord Brahma
Lord Indra

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The three steps of Vishnu Ji has been described in which of the following?

Hymn 1.1700
Hymn 7.100
Hymn 6.500
Hymn 7.200

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In the puranas what has been told the reason for giving boon to Demons?

Becasue of their pleasure life
Indra became haughty and proud
Demons were their son

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Who is also known as Supreme Being?

Vishnu Ji
All of the above

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As per Rigveda what does the term Vi-Chakra manas means?

Having three strides
Having patience
Having energy of world
None of the above

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How does Vishnu stays in Arcavatra form?

In the form of idols
In the vaikuntha
Inside the human being
In the avatar form

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How is Paravati Ji related to Vishnnu Ji?

None of the above

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Who is also known as Vaishnavi?

Parvati Ji
Lakshmi Ji
Durga Ji
Option1 and 3

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What is the name of the combined deity of Vishnu Ji and Lord Shiva?

All of the above

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In which of the following form do Vishnu Ji act as vaikuntha pati?

Vyuha form
Para form

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