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Which is the largest city of Maryland by population ?

The Battle Monument of Baltimore. Most likely pre-1923.

It is located in the central area of the state along the tidal portion of the Patapsco River, an arm of the Chesapeake Bay. The independent city is often referred to as Baltimore City to distinguish it from surrounding Baltimore County.

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How many U.S. Representatives comes from the US state of Maryland ?


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What is the motto of US state of Maryland ?

Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem
Joannes Est Nomen Eius
Montani semper liberi
Fatti maschii, parole femine

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Which is the state fossil of US state of Maryland ?

Eubrontes giganteus
Equus simplicidens
Ecphora gardnerae gardnerae
Mammut americanum

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Which is the state crustacean of US state of Maryland ?

Dungeness crab
Procambarus clarkii
Callinectes sapidus
None of the above

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Which is the state dinosaur of US state of Maryland ?

Stegosaurus armatus
Paluxysaurus jonesi
Astrodon johnstoni

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Which is the state drink of US state of Maryland ?

Cranberry juice
Conecuh Ridge Whiskey

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Maryland state is officially claimed to be named after

Queen Henrietta Maria
Queen Seniorita Maria
Queen ronepnch Maria
Queen sunekha Maria

She was queen consort of England, Scotland, and Ireland as the wife of King Charles I. She was mother of his two immediate successors, Charles II and James II.

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Which city is known as the Sailing Capital of the World ?


The city served as the temporary capital of the United States in 1783–84 and was the site of the Annapolis Peace Conference, held in November 2007, at the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis is the home of St. John's College.

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Who was the first licensed female colonial printer in Maryland, USA ?

Mary Nuthead
Dinah Nuthead
Steffi Nuthead
Sumeri Nuthead

In 1695, Dinah Nuthead inherited her husband's printing press. Her husband William Nuthead started the first printing business in St. Mary’s City in 1685. She moved to Annopolis within a year of her husband’s death since the Maryland government was relocated there.

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