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Which is the capital city of massachusetts ?

Scollay Square in the 1880s

One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula in 1630 by Puritan colonists from England.

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Which is the state bird of US state of massachusetts?

Black-capped chickadee
American robin
Common loon
Baltimore Oriole


It is a small, nonmigratory, North American songbird that lives in deciduous and mixed forests. It is the state bird of both Maine and Massachusetts in the United States, and the provincial bird of New Brunswick in Canada. It is well known for its capacity to lower its body temperature during cold winter nights as well as its good spatial memory to relocate the caches where it stores food, and its boldness near humans (sometimes feeding from the hand).

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Which is the state tree of US state of massachusetts ?

Southern Magnolia
American Elm
Sugar Maple
Flame Tree


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Which is the state flower of US state of massachusetts ?

Scarlet carnation

The species flowers are pink, fading to nearly white, very fragrant, about .5 inches (1.3 cm) across when expanded, few or many in clusters at ends of branches.

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Which is the state dessert of US state of massachusetts ?

Boston cream pie
Blueberry pie
Smith Island Cake

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Which is the state beverage of US state of massachusetts ?

Conecuh Ridge Whiskey
Coffee milk
Cranberry juice

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There is a house built entirely of newspaper. In which town it is located ?


It is located at 52 Pigeon Hill St., Rockport, Massachusetts. It was built by Mr. Elis F. Stenman, a mechanical engineer who designed the machines that make paper clips, began building his Rockport summer home out of paper as a hobby. That was in 1922. The paper was meant to be good insulation. Eventually, not only was the house made of paper, but furniture as well, including some intricate and beautiful pieces.

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Which is the first U.S.Postal zip code in Massachusetts at Agawam ?

It is 00001
It is 01111
It is 01001
It is 01000

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Which is the oldest college in USA ?

Cornel College
Boston College
Pomona College
Harvard College

Memorial Hall, Harvard College.

Founded in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. It is one of two schools within Harvard University granting undergraduate degrees, other is Harvard Extension School. The college came into existence in 1636 by vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It did not have any building, instructor, or student at that time. After 3 years, the college was renamed in honor of deceased Charlestown minister John Harvard who had bequeathed to the school his entire library and half of his monetary estate.

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The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in which town ?


It is a town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States. Americans commonly trace the Thanksgiving holiday to a 1621 celebration at the Plymouth Plantation, where the Plymouth settlers held a harvest feast after a successful growing season. The Pilgrims celebrated at Plymouth for three days after their first harvest, in 1621. Seventeenth-century accounts do not identify this as a thanksgiving observance, rather it followed the harvest.

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