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Miss World pageant was created by

Eric Morley
Tony Morley
Jacob Morley
Brown Morley

His widow, Julia Morley, is now head of the pageant.

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Who is the current head of Miss World Pageant now ?

Simi Morley
Julia Morley
Sany Morley
Sarah Morley

Miss World pageant was created by Eric Morley in 1951. Since his death in 2000, Morley''s wife, Julia Morley, co-chairs the pageant

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Initially Miss World was started as

Intelligence contest
Personality contest
Bikini Contest
Hair Contest

It was started as Bikini Contest, in honour of the recently introduced swimwear of the time.

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What is the slogan of Miss World Pageant ?

Beauty With a Purpose
Nations with Beauty
Beauty makes a lady intelligent
Beauty is Intelligence

In the 1980s, the pageant repositioned itself with the slogan Beauty With a Purpose, with added tests of intelligence and personality

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There were three _______ consecutive victories in Miss World history. Fill in the blank.


These are from Sweden, UK and India

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Which Miss World winner hold the title for the longest period in Miss World history ?

Kiki Hakansson
Reita Faria
Susana Duijm
Lesley Langley

She was from Sweden and Miss World 1951. She hold the title for 475 days.

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Only 4 countries have hosted the Miss World pageant more than once. Which of given is not in those 4 ?

South Africa

The fourth country is Seychelles

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Identify this Miss World ?

Kaiane Aldorino
Ivian Sarcos
Ksenia Sukhinova
Yu Wenxia

She was Miss World 2011

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Which continent has most Miss World title wins ?

Asia & Oceania

It has 28 wins while America has 15, Asia & Oceana has 9 and only 4 to Africa

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Who is current Miss World Continental Queen of Beauty for America ?

Atong Demach
Bokang Montjane
Emma Wareus
Tatum Keshwar

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