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Who are the predator of Mole ?

Cats and Owls
Cats, Owls and Foxes
Cats, Owls, Foxes and Eagle

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What is the weight range of Mole ?

150-550 gram
280-520 gram
250-550 gram
210-580 gram

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What is the maximum running speed of Mole ?

6 km/h
10 km/h
14 km/h
17 km/h

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What is the average litter size of Mole ?


The female mole then gives birth to between 2 and 6 mole babies.

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What is the common name of the mounds of soil created by Mole ?

Mole mounds
Mole Holes
Mole Hills
Mole Pits

Moles can quickly create long tunnels under the surface of the earth and the tunnel entrances can easily be identified by the mounds of earth that appear (normally all over your garden lawn)! These mounds of soil are commonly known as mole hills.

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Where is the mole stores the food for later use ?

Under the tree
Special underground larders
Special big mounds
Tree branch

The mole is also able to store food to eat later. Moles are known to construct special underground larders in which the mole can store its food.

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In how many times star-nosed mole detect, catch and eat their prey sometimes ?

Less than a second
Less than a minute
Within 5 seconds
Within 10 seconds

The most powerful sense of smell a mole has is its sense of smell, and some species of mole (such as the star-nosed mole) are able to detect, catch and eat their prey in less than a second!.

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At which location, mostly moles get killed ?

Their burrows
When the moles are above ground
In the sea
Near the sea

When moles are in their burrows they are relatively safe from harm, with most moles being killed whilst in their burrows from gardeners and their spades.

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After how much times Mole''s cub start their own life ?

Within a month
Within two months
Within six months
Within a week

The baby moles are usually completely independent within a month after birth.

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What is the male and female mole size ratio ?

Male mole size is double than female mole
Female mole is smaller than males
Male mole size is equal to female mole
Male mole size is smaller than female mole

It has a cylindrical body and is around 12 cm (5 inches) long. Females are typically smaller than males.

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