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What is the food type of Mole ?

Only drink water

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What is the standard life span of Mole ?

5-6 years
4-8 years
5-9 years
3-6 years

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What is the weight range of Mole ?

150-550 gram
280-520 gram
250-550 gram
210-580 gram

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Which of these is relate to Mole ?

Short curved claws
Long curved claws
Short curved tail
Long curved tail

Moles have long, curved claws which the moles use to burrow underground.

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What is the primary food of Mole ?

Earthworms and Mice

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What is the average litter size of Mole ?


The female mole then gives birth to between 2 and 6 mole babies.

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What is the common name of the mounds of soil created by Mole ?

Mole mounds
Mole Holes
Mole Hills
Mole Pits

Moles can quickly create long tunnels under the surface of the earth and the tunnel entrances can easily be identified by the mounds of earth that appear (normally all over your garden lawn)! These mounds of soil are commonly known as mole hills.

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What is the gestation period of Moles ?

3 months
5 months
1 month
six months

Moles breed in early spring with the female moles gestation period lasting about a month.

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After how much times Mole''s cub start their own life ?

Within a month
Within two months
Within six months
Within a week

The baby moles are usually completely independent within a month after birth.

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What is the common name of mole ?

Common mole
Common mole and European mole
Common mole, European mole and Northern mole
Common mole, European mole, Northern mole and Black mole

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