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What is Mole ?


Moles are small cylindrical mammals adapted to a subterranean lifestyle.

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What is the scientific name of Mole ?


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How many species of Mole has been found ?


There are around 20 different species of mole found in their natural, earthy environments.

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What is the size range of Mole ?

12-15 cm
10-15 cm
9-13 cm
15-18 cm

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What is the weight range of Mole ?

150-550 gram
280-520 gram
250-550 gram
210-580 gram

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What is the color of Mole ?

Brown and Grey
Brown, Grey and Black
Brown, Grey, Black and White

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Which of these is relate to Mole ?

Short curved claws
Long curved claws
Short curved tail
Long curved tail

Moles have long, curved claws which the moles use to burrow underground.

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Where is the mole stores the food for later use ?

Under the tree
Special underground larders
Special big mounds
Tree branch

The mole is also able to store food to eat later. Moles are known to construct special underground larders in which the mole can store its food.

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Why mole''s eye and ear not visible ?

Because their eyes and ear are very small
Because they covered in fur
The eyes and ears of the mole are very small and usually covered in fur.
Because they does not contain eye and ear, they just smell and move

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At which location, mostly moles get killed ?

Their burrows
When the moles are above ground
In the sea
Near the sea

When moles are in their burrows they are relatively safe from harm, with most moles being killed whilst in their burrows from gardeners and their spades.

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