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What is the scientific name of Moth ?

Gynnidomorpha Alisman

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Who is/are the predator(s) of Moth ?

Birds and Bats
Birds, Bats and Lizards
Birds, Bats, Lizards and Spiders

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What is the color of Moth ?

Red and Black
Red, Black and Yellow
Red, Black, Yellow and Orange
Red, Black, Yellow, Orange and Brown

The Moth different colors are : Red, Black, Yellow, Orange, Brown, White.

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What is the special feature of Moth ?

Long, curled tongue
Delicate, patterned wings
Long, curled tongue and delicate, patterned wings
Their body color

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Which of the given species of moth can make pupate under ground ?

Plume moths
Uraniid moths
Nolid moths
Sphinx moths

Some moths pupate under ground. Such as many of the Sphinx moths.

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How many times, Hummingbird moths wings beat per second ?

70 times
85 times
60 times
45 times

Hummingbird moths wings beat 70 times per second.

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How many species of Moth are in U.S. ?


There are more than 11,000 species of moths in the U.S. alone.

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From how much distance a male moth can smell a female moth ?

More than 5 miles away
More than 7 miles away
More than 10 miles away
More than 12 miles away

A male moth can smell a female more than 7 miles away.

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In which continent, more than 90 percent of people eat moth and butterfly caterpillars ?

In some American countries
In some European countries
In some Asian countries
In some African countries

More than 90 percent of people in some African countries eat moth and butterfly caterpillars, according to a 2004 survey by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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Moths are not easily differentiated from butterflies. Sometimes the name "___________" is used for moths while the term "Rhopalocera" is used for butterflies to formalize the popular distinction. Fill in the blank.


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