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What is the full form of Milats (in reference of MSS China)?

Military Attaches
Million Attacks
Military Attack
Military Attachment

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The Ministry of State Security (MSS) is the security agency of the ___________ Republic of China.


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MSS is probably the Chinese government''s _______ and most active foreign intelligence agency.

Second largest
Third largest
Fourth largest

It is also probably the Chinese government''s largest and most active foreign intelligence agency, though it is also involved in domestic security matters.

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The CDSA (of MSS China) operated from the communist base area of Yan''an in Shaanxi Province in northern China during the ________ Second Sino-Japanese War.


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Which organization converted into CID (in reference of MSS China)?


CDSA was fully re-established as an organ directly under the Communist Party Central Committee in 1955, now with the new name Central Investigation Department (CID).

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What is the full form of CPC (in reference of MSS China)?

Communication Party of China
Communist Party of China
Communist Party of Canada
Common Party of China

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Who was the MSS China agency head from 1983 to 1985?

Jia Chunwang
Jia Yun
Ling Yun
Ling Chunwang

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_________ is a other office of MSS China.

General Office
Post Office
Head Office
Branch Office

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What is the full form of PRC (in reference of MSS China)?

People''s Region of China
Police Republic of China
People''s Republic of China
Police Region of China

One such nation is the People''s Republic of China (PRC), which although it has the largest armed forces in the world, has never possessed the strategic military capability to invade any nation outside Asia.

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The intelligence collection process identifies hard targets such as __________ and soft targets such as the industrial and academic sectors.

Government institutions
Government schools
Government college
Government universities

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