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Who is the MSS China agency executive?

Geng Huichang
Jin Wudai
Jia Chunwang
Li Fengzhi

He is the Minister of State Security of the People''s Republic of China and a former President of the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, an influential think tank

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What is the full form of Milats (in reference of MSS China)?

Military Attaches
Million Attacks
Military Attack
Military Attachment

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What is the full form of CDSA (in reference of MSS China)?

Cellular Department of Social Affairs
Central Department of System Affairs
Central Department of Social Association
Central Department of Social Affairs

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Chinese intelligence agents, probably under the control of the MSS, have achieved success in penetrating the _____________ Community in the past.

U.S. Intelligence
U.K. Intelligence
England Intelligence
France Intelligence

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What is the full form of CPC (in reference of MSS China)?

Communication Party of China
Communist Party of China
Communist Party of Canada
Common Party of China

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More recently, in 2003, __________ Federal Bureau of Investigation source and Republican Party fundraiser Katrina Leung was arrested


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_________ is a other office of MSS China.

General Office
Post Office
Head Office
Branch Office

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MSS personnel are trained at the _________ of International Relations (guoji guanxi xueyuan).


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The intelligence collection process identifies hard targets such as __________ and soft targets such as the industrial and academic sectors.

Government institutions
Government schools
Government college
Government universities

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The precursor of the modern MSS was the ____________, the primary intelligence organ of the Communist Party of China (CPC) before its accession to power in 1949.


Central Department of Social Affairs (CDSA)

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