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What is the full form of NACA ?

National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
National Administration Committee for Aeronautics
National Advisory Code for Aeronautics
National Advisory Company for Aeronautics

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What is the url of the of NASA website?

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Which is the first manned mission by NASA ?

Sputnik 1
Freedom 1
Sputnik 7
Freedom 7

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Project Mercury of NASA started in which year ?


Project Mercury started in 1958 as NASA''s inheritance of the U.S. Air Force''s Man In Space Soonest program objective to make the first single-astronaut flights into Earth orbit.

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Dryden pilot "Neil Armstrong" of NASA spent ________ days, 14 hours, 12 minutes, and 30 seconds in the space.


Neil Alden Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012) was an American astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon. He was also an aerospace engineer, naval aviator, test pilot, and university professor.

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Around how many days, the Discovery Shuttle of NANA, Spent in Orbit ?

three months
six moths
nine months
entire year

Over the course of its 39 missions, Discovery logged a total of 365 days in space.

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Which was the NASA''s first space flight center?


Goddard was established on May 1, 1959. It was NASA''s first space flight center.

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The Goddard center is named after ____________, the pioneer of modern rocket propulsion in the U.S.

Dr. Robert A. Goddard
Dr. Robert H. Goddard
Dr. Robert D. Goddard
Dr. Robert S. Goddard

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What is the full form of STS in reference of NASA?

Space Transmission System
Solar Transportation System
Solar Transmission System
Space Transportation System

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One of the key scientific missions of NASA is ___________. This program has literally revolutionized astronomy.

making the Hubble Space Telescope
removing the Hubble Space Telescope
repairing the Hubble Space Telescope
redesign the Hubble Space Telescope

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