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Which is the state fossil of US state of new york ?

Sea scorpion
Hagerman horse
Petrified palmwood
Sea lily

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Which is the state shell of US state of new york ?

Scotch bonnet
Bay Scallop
Prickly Whelk
Eastern oyster

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Which is the state muffin of US state of new york ?

Apple muffin
Blueberry muffin
Cranberry muffin
Corn muffin

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The state seal of New York was adopted in which year ?


The state seal of New York features the state arms (the coat of arms was officially adopted in 1778) surrounded by the words "The Great Seal of the State of New York." A banner below shows the New York State motto (Excelsior, Latin for Ever Upward).

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The first American Chess Congress( former of U.S. Chess Championship) was held in which city of USA ?

New York
St. Louis

The first American Chess Congress, organized by Daniel Willard Fiske and held in New York, October 6 to November 10, 1857, was won by Paul Morphy.

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Which city has the world's smallest church ?


Cross Island Chapel is the world's smallest church. It was built in the year 1989 in the city of Oneida of New York. It has a floor area of 28.68 sq ft and have seats for 2 people only. It is open for public upon request only.

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Which was the capital of United States before+A53 Washington, D.C. ?

New York City
St. Louis

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The first presentation of 3D films before a paying audience took place in which theater ?

"The Great Ziegfeld", Astor Theatre, Broadway & 45th St., New York City
ALCO Theaters
Astor Theater
B&B Theatres
Bel Air 10 Theater

The first presentation of 3D films before a paying audience took place at the Astor Theater, New York, on June 10, 1915. The program consisted of three one-reelers, the first of rural scenes in the USA, the second a selection of scenes from Famous Players' Jim, the Penman (US '15), with John Mason and Marie Doro, and the third a travelog of Niagara Falls.

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Which american inventor is credited with the invention of commercial toilet paper ?

Samuel Abbot
Oscar H. Banker
Anthony R. Barringer
Joseph C. Gayetty

It was the first and remained only one of the few commercial toilet papers from 1857 to 1890 remaining in common use until the invention of splinter-free toilet paper in 1935 by the Northern Tissue Company.

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Which was the first state to require license plates on cars ?

New York
North Carolina

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