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_______ is used as a moderator in nuclear reactor.

Simple water

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Radioactive elements emit positively charged particles called

Gamma ray
Cathode ray
Alpha ray
Beta ray

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Atoms are composed of

Electrons and protons
Electrons and Nuclei

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Enormous energy is released during atomic explosion because of

Conversion of electrons into protons
Conversion of chemicals into gases
Conversion of mass into energy
Conversion of neutrons into protons

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Mesons are found in

Laser beams
Cosmic rays
Alpha rays
Beta ray

Mesons are hadronic subatomic particles composed of one quark and one antiquark, bound together by the strong interaction. Because mesons are composed of sub-particles, they have a physical size, with a radius roughly one femtometre, which is about 2⁄3 the size of a proton or neutron. All mesons are unstable, with the longest-lived lasting for only a few hundredths of a microsecond.

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Which radioactive pollutant, due to its occurrence in the building material, has recently drawn to public?


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In decreasing order, the masses of the three elementary particles are

Baryons, Mesons, Leptons
Mesons,Leptons, Baryons
Leptons, Mesons, Baryons
Baryons, Leptons, Mesons

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Which isotope of uranium is capable of sustaining chain reaction


Uranium-235 is an isotope of uranium making up about 0.72% of natural uranium. Unlike the predominant isotope uranium-238, it is fissile, i.e., it can sustain a fission chain reaction. It is the only fissile isotope that is a primordial nuclide or found in significant quantity in nature.

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Most of the mass of the atom is located in the nucleus was suggested by

J J Thomson
Graham bell

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What is the reason behind the dark lines in the solar spectrum

Absorption of corresponding wavelengths by the inner layers of the sun
Absorption of corresponding wavelengths by the outer layers of the sun
Absence of corresponding wavelengths by the inner layers of the sun
Destructive interference between waves of certain definite wavelengths

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