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Ohio state's present constitution was adopted in which year ?


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How many U.S. Representatives comes from the US state of ohio ?


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What is the nickname of US state of ohio ?

Beehive State
The Mount Rushmore State
Palmetto State
Buckeye State

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Which is the state slogan of US state of ohio ?

It's Good Being First
Find Yourself Here
Birthplace of Aviation

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Which is the state bird of US state of ohio?

Northern cardinal
Western meadowlark
Ruffed grouse
Ring-necked pheasant

It is also known as the redbird or common cardinal. The northern cardinal is a mid-sized songbird with a body length of 21 cm. The male is a vibrant red, while the female is a dull red-brown shade. The northern cardinal is one of three birds in the genus Cardinalis which is made up of passerine birds found in North and South America.

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Which is the state beverage of US state of ohio ?

Tomato Juice
Coffee milk

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Which is the state prehistoric monument of US state of ohio ?

Craters of the Moon
Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers
Effigy Mounds
Fort Frederica

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Which is the highest point in elevation in the U.S. state of Ohio ?

Campbell Hill
Gildersleeve Mountain
Little Mountain
Bigg Hill

Campbell Hill is, at 1,550 feet, the highest point in elevation in the U.S. state of Ohio. Campbell Hill is located within the city of Bellefontaine, two miles (3.2 km) northeast of downtown.

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Which was the first city to use police cars ?


The first police car was a wagon run by electricity fielded on the streets of Akron, Ohio, in 1899. The first operator of the police patrol wagon was Akron Police officer Louis Mueller, Sr. This car could reach 16 mph (26 km/h) and travel 30 mi (48 km) before its battery needed to be recharged. It was built by city mechanical engineer Frank Loomis. The car's first assignment was to pick up a drunken man at the junction of Main and Exchange streets.

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In which year, The first full time automobile service station was opened in Ohio ?


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