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What is the full form of H and B in the reference of a pencil ?

Hand and Bright
Hand and Body
Hard and Black
Hand and Black

Pencil used "B" for black and "H" for hard; a pencil''s grade was described by a sequence or successive Hs or Bs such as BB and BBB for successively softer leads, and HH and HHH for successively harder ones.

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By which compound, most pencil cores are made of ?

Black marble

Most pencil cores are made of graphite mixed with a clay binder, leaving grey or black marks that can be easily erased. As like diamond, Graphite is completely made by carbon atoms.

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The most common type of pencil casing is a thin ________ cylinder permanently bonded around the core. Choose the correct option.


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Who received the first patent for attaching an eraser to the end of a pencil ?

Grey Knotts
Nicholas Jacques Conté
Hymen Lipman
Joseph Hardtmuth

Born on March 20, 1817, Hymen Lipman of Kingston, Jamaica, received the first patent for a pencil with an attached eraser. He received this U.S. Patent 19,783 on March 30, 1858.

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How many color are contained in a Quadrachromic Pencil ?


The Quadrachromic Pencil is a slightly enlarged pencil with four colours equally partitioned on the tip. The use of each colour while drawing is accomplished by rotating the pencil between the fingers.

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What is a propelling pencil ?

Pencil with very fine refills of graphite
Pen with very fine refills of graphite
Pencil with very hard refills of graphite
Pen with very hard refills of graphite

The propelling pencil are pens with very fine refills of graphite.

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On average, how many pencils, a 14-year-old "Pinus Caribaea" tree can produce ?


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What is the standard length of the pencil ?

15 cm
18 cm
21 cm
24 cm

The average pencil (about 18 centimetres long) can draw a line 35 miles long, or write about 45,000 words. Talk about being economical.

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The Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect pencil (Limited Edition) is the worlds most expensive pencil. What is the cost of these pencils(per item) ?

Euro: 3,000
Euro: 6,000
Euro: 9,000
Euro: 12,000

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John Steinbeck used a lot of pencils, sometimes as many as _____ each day.


His novel East of Eden took more than 300 pencils to write

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