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Who received the first patent for attaching an eraser to the end of a pencil ?

Grey Knotts
Nicholas Jacques Conté
Hymen Lipman
Joseph Hardtmuth

Born on March 20, 1817, Hymen Lipman of Kingston, Jamaica, received the first patent for a pencil with an attached eraser. He received this U.S. Patent 19,783 on March 30, 1858.

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On 3 September 2007, Ashrita Furman displayed his giant pencil. It was a 8,200 kg pencil. What was the length of that pencil ?

66 feet long
76 feet long
86 feet long
96 feet long

On 3 September 2007, Ashrita Furman displayed his giant US$20,000 pencil – 76 feet (23 m) long, 18,000 pounds (8,200 kg) (with over 4,500 pounds (2,000 kg) for the graphite centre) – after three weeks of creation in August 2007 as a birthday gift for teacher Sri Chinmoy.

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Which firm invented the EPCON Pencil ?

D. Little
E. Little
F. Little
G. Little

Invented by Arthur D. Little for Empire Pencil Company in the early 1970s; commercialised by Empire as the "EPCON" Pencil. These pencils were co-extruded, extruding a plasticised graphite mix within a wood-composite core.

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Which type of pencil doesn't need sharpening, but they do need a supply of the right size lead.

Mechanical pencils
Quadrachromic Pencil
Propelling pencil
Graphite Pencil

Mechanical pencils don''t need sharpening, but they do need a supply of the right size lead. Generally, the last half-inch (1cm) or so of a lead is not usable.

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In which country, the world’s smallest pencil was displayed at a Faber-Castell Shop-in-Shop ?


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In which country, the oldest pencil of the world has been found ?


The world’s oldest surviving pencil was found in the roof of an old German house during renovations, and dates back to the 17th century. It is now part of the Faber-Castell private collection.

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What item relating to pencil has been patented by Bernard Lassimone in 1828 ?

Pencil Sharpener
Pencil Eraser
Pencil Box

Bernard Lassimone, who patented the first pencil sharpener in 1828; and Therry des Estwaux, who invented an improved mechanical sharpener in 1847.

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Which country produce more than 50% pencil right now ?


More than half of all pencils come from China. In 2004, factories there turned out 10 billion pencils, enough to circle the earth more than 40 times.

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Thomas Edison had his pencils specially made, and they were _________.

More black than the average pencil
Thicker than the average pencil.
Thiner than the average pencil
Harder than the average pencil

Thomas Edison had his pencils specially made by Eagle Pencil. Each pencil was three inches long, was thicker than standard pencils and had softer graphite than was normally available

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What is the length of world's biggest pencil ?


The biggest pencil in the world is 20m high and it is located in Malaysia. The pencil was produced by the Faber-Castell Malaysia production site.

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