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Where is the historical range extended for Red Panda ?

Bhutan and Nepal
Bhutan, Nepal and India
Bhutan, Nepal, India and Myanmar

Their historical range extended through Bhutan, Nepal, India, Myanmar and China where their range overlaps that of the even rarer Giant Panda, but today the Red Panda is extinct from certain areas and population numbers are rapidly declining in others.

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What is the standard size range of Red Panda ?

40cm - 70cm
90cm - 150cm
60cm - 120cm
60cm - 80cm

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What is the color of Red Panda ?

Red and Brown
Red, Brown and White
Red, Brown, White and Black

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Red pandas are able to reproduce at around __________ of age. Fill in the blanks.

12 months
14 months
18 months
20 months

Red pandas are able to reproduce at around 18 months of age, and are fully mature at two to three years.

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What is the estimated population size of Red Panda ?

Approx. 2000
Approx. 4500
Approx. 3000
Approx. 3500

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What is the class name of Red Panda ?

Ailurus fulgens

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Which body part of Red Panda help and allow them to chew banboo''s tough leaves and stalks ?

Broad teeth
Strong jaws
String Claws
Broad teeth and Strong jaws

Their broad teeth and strong jaws allow them to chew bamboo''s tough leaves and stalks.

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What is the average litter size of Red Panda ?


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Which of these is not a Geographic habitat of Red Panda ?

West Bengal

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Red panda, also known sometimes as

dog bear
cat bear
cat bear
Noen bear

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