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What is the standard size range of Sand Lizard ?

13cm - 20cm
15cm - 20cm
13cm - 15cm
13cm - 18cm

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Which is the main prey of Sand Lizard ?

Spiders and Insects
Spiders, Insects and Grasshoppers
Spiders, Insects, Grasshoppers and ant

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Which is/are the main predator(s) of Sand Lizard?

Birds, Cats
Birds, Cats, Foxes
Birds, Cats, Foxes and Dog

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For which reason male Sand lizard is famous ?

Color changing feature
Size changing feature
Very high speed feature
Swimming feature

Male sand lizards however, are known for their remarkable color change, as their skin turns from a dull brown to a bright green during the mating season.

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What is the order name of Sand Lizard ?


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Which country''s sand lizard give their egg in a lay ?


The sand lizard is Britain''s only egg-laying lizard. The eggs, laid in late-May to June in burrows dug into the sand, are incubated by the heat of the sun.

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What is the special with the Sand Lizard''s blood?

Hot blooded animal
White blooded animal
Cold blooded animal
Green blooded animal

As with other reptiles, the sand lizard is a cold blooded animal and must therefore, first warm itself up before it is able to hunt for food.

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What is the full form of SAP (in reference of Sand Lizard) ?

Secondary Audio Program
Service Access Point
Scientific Advisory Panel
Species Action Plan

The UK Herpetological Conservation Trust is the lead partner in the UK Species Action Plan (SAP) for the sand lizard.

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In which months of the year, sand lizard lay eggs ?

January and February
March and April
June and July
October and November

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The sand lizard is the only egg-laying lizard of which country ?


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