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Seahorses belong to the Syngnathidae family of fish which also include _____________.

Trumpet fish, Stingrays and Horn fish
Mudskippers, Sea dragons and Stonefish
Trumpet fish, Sticklebacks and Boxfish
Pipefish, Pipe horses and Sea dragons

Syngnathidae (pronounced sing-nath-i-day) comes from the Greek words "syn" - together; and "gnathus" - jaws or snout. Seahorses belong to the genus, Hippocampus from the Greek words "hippos" - horse and "campos" - monster.

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What do you call baby seahorses ?


Young fry are also called "ponies". Depending on the species and the size of the parents, 5 to 1600 fry can be produced.

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What do you call the bony growth on the top of a seahorse''s head ?

Top Hat

Coronet styles vary from breed to breed. Some have a distinctive knob-like coronet, others slope backwards, while the H.barbouri has a stylish medium coronet with five sharp spines.

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Approximately how many tones of dried seahorses are consumed annually for the traditional Chinese medicine market ?

5 tones
10 tones
20 tones
15 tones

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A Seahorse can grow as large as

12 inches tall
18 inches tall
15 inches tall
20 inches tall

A Seahorse can grow as large as 20 inches tall the smallest seahorse is called a pygmy seahorse and is only 1 inch tall.

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What is the number of species for Seahorses ?


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What do South American Spider Monkeys, Ringtail Opossums and seahorses have in common ?

They all have same no. of legs.
They all are same gestation Period.
They all have prehensile tails.
They all have same no. of hands.

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How many babies do seahorse can have at one time ?

200-1400 babies
500-1500 babies
600-2000 babies
100-1500 babies

A seahorse can have from 100-1500 babies. Usually it is 100-200, smaller are 5 at a time, finally some are 1500 at a time.

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What is the number of Seahorses that are caught annually to be used for Chinese forms of medicine ?

More than 11million
More than 18 million
More than 5 million
More than 20 million

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What is the group name of Seahorses ?


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