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Approximately how many tones of dried seahorses are consumed annually for the traditional Chinese medicine market ?

5 tones
10 tones
20 tones
15 tones

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The average life span of a Seahorse is between

1 to 2 years
2 to 4 years
3 to 5 years
5 to 8 years

The average life span of a Seahorse is between 3 -5 years smaller species of seahorses live about 1 year.

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When Seahorse gained international protection ?


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Which of these is not a type of Seahorse ?

Big Belly Sea Horse
Pygmy Seahorse
Pacific Seahorse
Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is not the type of Seahorse it is the breed of Dog.

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What do South American Spider Monkeys, Ringtail Opossums and seahorses have in common ?

They all have same no. of legs.
They all are same gestation Period.
They all have prehensile tails.
They all have same no. of hands.

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How many teeth do a searhorse have ?

No teeth

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Seahorses have a small crown on them called ___________.

Coral net
Royal crown

Seahorses have a small crown on them called a coral net. It is unique for each of them.

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Seahorses share many of the same characteristic features of a chameleon. Which of the following do a seahorse and chameleon not have in common ?

Eyes that move independently
A long tongue
Prehensile tail
Can change color

Seahorses change color to match their surroundings, usually the coral or plants that they live around. However, they can turn bright colors in different situations, especially during courtship. Seahorses suck food in through their long snouts, not by grabbing it with a tongue.

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What is the genus of Seahorse ?


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Seahorses are

None of above

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