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Seahorses belong to the Syngnathidae family of fish which also include _____________.

Trumpet fish, Stingrays and Horn fish
Mudskippers, Sea dragons and Stonefish
Trumpet fish, Sticklebacks and Boxfish
Pipefish, Pipe horses and Sea dragons

Syngnathidae (pronounced sing-nath-i-day) comes from the Greek words "syn" - together; and "gnathus" - jaws or snout. Seahorses belong to the genus, Hippocampus from the Greek words "hippos" - horse and "campos" - monster.

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The average life span of a Seahorse is between

1 to 2 years
2 to 4 years
3 to 5 years
5 to 8 years

The average life span of a Seahorse is between 3 -5 years smaller species of seahorses live about 1 year.

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A Seahorse can grow as large as

12 inches tall
18 inches tall
15 inches tall
20 inches tall

A Seahorse can grow as large as 20 inches tall the smallest seahorse is called a pygmy seahorse and is only 1 inch tall.

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When Seahorse gained international protection ?


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What do South American Spider Monkeys, Ringtail Opossums and seahorses have in common ?

They all have same no. of legs.
They all are same gestation Period.
They all have prehensile tails.
They all have same no. of hands.

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How can you differentiate between a male and a female seahorse ?

By looking at the stomach
By looking at the Legs
By looking at the abdominal area
By looking at the eyes

You can tell the difference from the males and females by looking at the abdominal area. The males have a smooth area with a pouch. That is where the eggs will be deposited. Females have a pointed stomach that is rough.

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What is the number of Seahorses that are caught annually to be used for Chinese forms of medicine ?

More than 11million
More than 18 million
More than 5 million
More than 20 million

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The name "seahorse" comes from the fact that they live in the sea and look like they have the head of a horse. Seahorses are members of the genus Hippocampus, which is a combination of Greek words meaning what ?

Sea horse
River horse
Horse fish
Horse monster

Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea and of horses, so a mixture of the two was inevitable. In mythology, the hippo camp (or hippocampus) is depicted as having the front of a horse and a long, coiling, fish tail. "Hippopotamus" means "river horse".

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What is the genus of Seahorse ?


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What is the group name of Seahorses ?


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