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The first 13 editions of the Ancient Olympic Games featured one event, which was a race from one end of the stadium to the other. This was known by which name ?

Stadion Race
Round Race
Goal Race
Win Race

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Less common events of sprint include the 50 meters, 55 meters, 300 meters and 500 meters which are used in some high school and collegiate competitions in the ___________.

United States
United Kingdom

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Indoor distances are less standardized as many facilities run shorter or occasionally longer distances depending on available ____________.


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The women''s world record is __________ seconds and was set by Florence Griffith-Joyner for 100 meters.


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The world record for 200 meters event is ____________.

20.19 seconds
19.19 seconds
18.19 seconds
17.19 seconds

The world record in this event is 19.19 seconds, held by Usain Bolt and was set on 20 August 2009, at the 2009 World Athletics Championships.

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The informal distance of ________ (164.042 yards) can be used to work on a 100 m runner''s stamina, or a 200 m runner''s speed, and has been used as an exhibition distance.

110 meters
120 meters
140 meters
150 meters

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The informal distance was used for an exhibition race during the __________ Games in as part of the 2009 Great Manchester Run (UK).

Manchester City
Manchester Great City
Sprint Cycling

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Which sprint category provides the title "the fastest man/woman in the world" ?


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Who is the world record holder for 200m sprint event in the event for men ?

Walter Dix
Michael Johnson
Yohan Blake
Usain Bolt

He ran 19.19 s at the 2009 World Championships.

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Who won the 2012 London Olympics Gold Medal in 200m sprint event for women ?

Veronica Campbell
Allyson Felix
Carmelita Jeter
Kerron Stewart

She is a track and field sprint athlete, who competes internationally for the United States

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