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The first 13 editions of the Ancient Olympic Games featured one event, which was a race from one end of the stadium to the other. This was known by which name ?

Stadion Race
Round Race
Goal Race
Win Race

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____________ is of key importance in producing the optimal amount of force in sprint.

Body alignment
Running style

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Ideally the athlete should begin in a _______-point stance and push off using both legs for maximum force production.


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Athletes remain in the __________ on the running track throughout all sprinting events, with the sole exception of the 400 m indoors.

First lane
Same lane
Second lane
Last lane

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Races up to __________ are largely focused upon acceleration to an athlete''s maximum speed.

100 m
150 m
200 m
250 m

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What time was taken by American sprinter Maurice Greene to make world record in 60 meters event ?

7.39 seconds
6.39 seconds
8.39 seconds
10.39 seconds

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The women''s world record is __________ seconds and was set by Florence Griffith-Joyner for 100 meters.


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The informal distance was used for an exhibition race during the __________ Games in as part of the 2009 Great Manchester Run (UK).

Manchester City
Manchester Great City
Sprint Cycling

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For all Olympic sprint events, runners must remain within their pre-assigned lanes, which measure __________ (4 feet) wide, from start to finish.

1.11 meters
1.12 meters
1.21 meters
1.22 meters

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Any athlete who runs outside the ___________ to gain an advantage is subject to disqualification.

assigned lane
middle lane
red lane
last lane

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