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One of these is not a major company of Tata Group?

Titan Industries
Taj Hotels
Tata Power
Tata Global Services

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What is the combined market capitalization of all the 32 listed Tata companies as of March 2012?

$89.88 billion
$85.88 billion
$92.88 billion
$128.88 billion

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What is the foundation year of TCS?


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Who is the Vice Chairman of Tata Steel (Mar 2013)?

Ratan Tata
Cyrus Pallonji Mistry
Ravi Kant
Karl Slym

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What is the total power generation capacity of Tata Power on Feb 2013?

Around 7700 MW
Around 5900 MW
Around 6200 MW
Around 7100 MW

Today the company is India’s largest private sector electricity generating company with an installed generation capacity of over 7700 MW.

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In which country, Tata Power executed overseas projects (4 x 100 MW + desalination plant)?


The company has executed overseas projects in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia including the Jebel Ali ‘G’ station (4 x 100 MW + desalination plant) in Dubai.

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What is the product name of Water Purifier of Tata Chemical?

Tata Shudh
Tata Pure
Tata Swach
Aqua Fina

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What is the formal name of Tata Global Beverages Limited?

Tata Tea Limited
Tata Coffee Limited
Tata Dairy Products

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What is the total tea production value of Tata Beverage Ltd. by 1999?

62 million kg
65 million kg
68 million kg
72 million kg

By 1999, Tata Tea’s brands had a combined market share of 25% in India. The company had 74 tea gardens and was producing 62 million kilograms of tea a year, two-thirds of it packaged and branded.

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One of these is not a major brand of Tata Teleservices.

Tata DoCoMo
Virgin Mobile
T24 Mobile
T50 Mobile

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