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Wheels with small discs around the circumference which are perpendicular to the rolling direction are called ?

Lime wheel
Micro wheel
Construction wheel
Omni Wheel

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A platform employing three omni wheels in a triangular configuration is generally called ?

Holonomic drive system
Skid steer
Kiwi drive

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The world''s oldest known wooden wheel, dates back from ?

5,250 ± 100 BP
5,240 ± 100 BP
5,260 ± 100 BP
5,240 ± 100 BP

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The wheel was also a solar symbol for the ?

Ancient Sudan
Ancient Lybia
Ancient Egyptians
Ancient Africa

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The artillery wheel was developed for use on ?

Pony cart
Gun carriages

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Which of the following is not a synonym for Centreless wheel ?

Orbital wheel
Hubless wheel
Spokeless wheel
Breaking wheel

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18. Wheel alignment, sometimes referred to as ?

Both A & B
None of the above

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A type of wheel developed in the early 20th century for all-terrain locomotion was called ?

Scroller wheel
Jockey wheel
Electroynamic wheel
Pedrail wheel

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The weight of wheels, tires, brakes and rotors is specifically called ?

Unsprung weight
Sprung weight
Super Weight

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The amount of energy stored in a flywheel is proportional to the square of its?

Rotational speed
Rotational energy
Moment of inertia

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