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In 1991, approximately how many cubic meters of wood were harvested?

3.5 billion
4.5 billion
2.5 billion
2.0 billion

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For what primary purpose, the wood has been used since years ?


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What is the estimation of tree growth per year ?

10 billion tonnes
20 billion tonnes
30 billion tonnes
40 billion tonnes

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Wood is a _______ material. Fill in the blank.


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One of sapwood''s primary function is to conduct

Water from the roots to the leaves
Water from the roots to the trunk
Water from the roots to the branch
Water from the roots to the bark

Sapwood is the younger, outermost wood. Its principal functions are to conduct water from the roots to the leaves and to store up and give back according to the season the reserves prepared in the leaves.

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The reddish-brown streaks so common in hickory and certain other woods are mostly the result of ?

Injury by birds
Heavy winds
Global warming

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ELM wood was used in boat making because of

it resists decay
it''s light weight
its good texture
its flexibility

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Symbiotic bacteria in _______ may play a role in the degradation of sunken wood

Aromatic rings

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A _______ is a facility where logs are cut into lumber or timber.

Saw mill
Carding mill
Grist mill
Textile mill

Sawmills were the most common kind of mills found in most 19th-century New England towns. America boasted over 31,000 sawmills by 1840. Most were owned and operated by farmers of above-average means, who often ran them seasonally, as water levels and the demands of their farm work permitted.

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What is a versatile multi-layered panel made of lumber ?

Finger-jointed lumber
Laminated strand lumber
Parallel strand lumber
Cross-Laminated Timber

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