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Which is the Largest Dome in the world ?

Treasury of Atreus
Belgrade Fair - Hall 1
Millennium Dome
Georgia Dome


Currently named The O2, it has a diameter of 365 meters, The 02 is the largest dome in the world. Formerly named Millennium Dome, colloquially referred to simply as The Dome, is the original name of a large dome-shaped building, Located on the Greenwich Peninsula in South East London, England.

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Which is the Biggest Country in the world ?



Having the area of 17,075,400 square kilometres , it is the biggest country in the world.

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Which is the Biggest Desert in the world ?

Sahara Desert
Thar Desert
Arabian Desert
Gobi Desert


Also known as the "The Greatest Desert", it covers most of Northern Africa and have an area of around 9,000,000 square Km.

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Which is the Biggest University in the world ?

Indira Gandhi National Open University
Allama Iqbal Open University
Islamic Azad University
California State University


Named after former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, the university was established in 1985. It has a total enrollments of over 3 million

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Which is the Biggest Beach in the world ?

Monte Hermoso
Villa Gesell
Manly Beach
Praia do Cassino


It is located in Brazil.

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Which is the Largest Stadium in the world ?

Rungrado May Day
Brabourne Stadium
Eden Gardens


Located in Pyongyang, North Korea, it is used for football matches and for Arirang performances.

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Which is the tallest man made structure in the world ?

Warsaw Radio Mast
CN Tower
Burj Khalifa
Taipei 101


Located in Dubai, UAE and with a height of 828 meters, it is the tallest building in the world.

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Which is the tallest Statue in the world ?

Peter the Great Statue
Spring Temple Buddha
Laykyun Setkyar
Ushiku Daibutsu


It is located in Henan, China and has a height of 128 meters.

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Which of the trees are found to be tallest in the world ?

Palm trees
The Great Banyan trees
Coast Redwood trees
Changi Trees


Currently the tallest living tree is "Hyperion" tree, which is a Coast Redwood tree and it is located in Northern California with a height of 115.6 metres.

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Which is the tallest dam in the world ?

Grande Dixence

With a height of 305 m , this is the tallest dam in the world.

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